Arnica montana, the natural anti-inflammatory

Arnica montana, the natural anti-inflammatory

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Let's talk about the properties of mountain arnica, its uses in homeopathy and its benefits. How to use arnica-based preparations and useful tips.

Arnica monata: plant

L'mountain arnicait is a perennial herbaceous plant typical of the regions subalpine, is endemic to Europe, from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia and the Carpathians. In Italy themountain arnicait can only be found in mountainous areas from 500 to 2500 above sea level, on poor and siliceous soils.

To place it botanically also in your daily context, I can tell you that themountain arnicait is a distant relative of the sunflower (they belong to the same family, that of the Asteraceae).

L'mountain arnicait has a moderately robust stem, can be 20 to 60 cm high and has large yellow-orange flower heads. L'mountain arnicait emits a pleasant aromatic odor and is appreciated for its differentproperty.

Arnica: properties and uses in homeopathy

L'mountain arnica, as well as thearnica chamissonisand other species of its genus, are characterized by the massive presence of a lactone sesquiterpene, a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of anti-inflammatory creams, granules, vials and other homeopathic preparations such asarnica montana 30ch.

This is why you will have heard ofmountain arnicaas anatural anti-inflammatory!

L'mountain arnica it can be considered a natural anti-inflammatory but absolutely not to be ingested with DIY preparations. L'mountain arnica it is widely used in homeopathy, but particular plant extracts are used from this plant. On some blogs we read that you can prepare DIY remedies based on arnica infusions or herbal teas: nothing could be more wrong.

L'mountain arnicait is poisonous if ingested and in high doses it can cause paralysis and in some subjects it can cause heart attack. L'mountain arnica,for its active ingredients, it is often used in herbal medicine but only by experts who can exploit its properties wisely.

In the home, an infusion of leaves ofmountain arnicait can be used as a treatment for trauma and bruises but as a remedy strictly for external use! For wraps only.

Once again,warning!
Preparations based on arnica montana not only should not be ingested but should NOT be used on open woundsor ulcers. This applies to both do-it-yourself preparations and theArnica montana ointmentorcreamthat you find on the market.

Extracts ofmountain arnicathey are used almost exclusively in the form of ointment, in the form of cream or diluted tincture. The uses are as varied as yours property: can be used to soothe rheumatic pains, muscle aches and various inflammations, including low back pain, lumbosciatalgia, bruises ...

In homeopathy themountain arnica it is used by sportsmen to fight i muscle pain in the legs and in long-term trauma care. It is often used as a natural remedy to soothe the pain of muscle tears, arthritis, bruises and flu pains.

Arnica gel cream and ointment

On the market there are not rare preparations based on extracts ofmountain arnica, among the first on the market we point out Arnica Compositum and Arnica 35.

Among the various products on the market, we recommend that you buy one that is well concentrated and, possibly, with plant extracts derived from organic cultivation.

With these features it is availableArnica 35, with a concentration of active ingredients of 35% and above all without parabens, silicones and mineral oils (widely present in other arnica-based creams).

The formulation of the product just mentioned is further enriched: it contains, in addition to the plant extracts listed above, also essential oil of mint and eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus essential oil has antiseptic, analgesic and calming properties, while mint oil has a stimulating and refreshing effect.

Charge 35 is one creama gel that can be bought on Amazon at a price of 11.95 euros with free shipping. For all information on the homeopathic product mentioned, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

How to use the cream? Apply the product to the area to be treated, performing a gentle massage with a rotating movement. Apply for several days in a row until the problem subsides or disappears.

In cases of more acute inflammation, or if you want to make a bruise heal faster, you can use gauze. Apply the gel cream in abundance and then bandage / bandage the affected area.

Therearnica-based cream it should be stored in a cool place, away from sources of heat and humidity. Since many active ingredients are volatile, close the cap tightly after each application.

Arnica montana: contraindications

Arnica-based preparations (cream and ointment) have no particular contraindications. They can be used in any period of life, even in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

For granulesistablets, much depends on the formulation and the added excipients, so it is important to read the package leaflet carefully and seek medical advice.

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