How to fight fatigue

How to fight fatigue

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There are severalnatural remedies for fatigue, however, I advise you not to underestimate this symptom. Therefatigue can be the bell due to a long list of problems: thyroid dysfunction, anemia, various deficiencies, diabetes, arthritis, depression ... When fatigue becomes themodus vivendiof your everyday life you can talk aboutchronic fatigue, while if fatigue becomes chronic only at certain times of the year you can talk about seasonality, an example is the very commonspring fatigue, often linked to allergies typical of this period.

On the contrary, in summer, thechronic fatigueit is linked to the increase in temperatures which tend to trigger various physiological mechanisms in our body. In this context it is good to protect yourself from the heat, the subjects most at risk are the elderly, children, people with pre-existing deficits and those suffering from low blood pressure.

If you just doubt that yoursfatigueit may be linked to a physiological dysfunction, you would do well to consult your doctor; if not, here is a useful guide that will show you how to fight fatigue with natural remedies.

How to fight fatigue with natural remedies

The first step is to follow a complete diet. Our society has reached high standards of well-being and it is unthinkable to hypothesize the self-prescription of a diet: consult a nutritionist to develop a personalized diet and with a complete nutritional intake based on your needs.

  • - Lifestyle and nutrition

Dissociated diets can cause fatigue and exhaustion, as can many other low-calorie diets developed with inattention. In general I can tell you to avoid prepackaged foods, baked goods, foods rich in refined sugar… Cereals, seasonal fruits and vegetables, oil seeds, legumes, lean meats are to be preferred…. According to the LARN published by Italian Society of Human Nutrition(LARN = Reference Intake Levels of Nutrients and Energy), the calories consumed daily, to be balanced, should come from 45 - 60% from carbohydrates and dietary fiber, for 10 - 35% from lipids and only the remaining portion from proteins. Unfortunately, today, the population is divided into two factions, on the one hand there are those who try to follow healthy diets by appealing to the network where excessively high protein diets are recommended, on the other hand there are those who prefer junk food with excessively diets rich in lipids and simple carbohydrates.

To limit is the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

A balanced diet could be accompanied by constant and light physical activity. Again, you can ask a good nutritionist for advice.

If your fatigue is accompanied by constipation or a lazy bowel, then it is the case to take action and correct your lifestyle starting from nutrition and physical activity. Many allied foods for regularity and intestinal functions are reported in our article entitledConstipation, natural remedies.

  • - Natural remedies for fatigue

- Indian ginseng
Betweennatural remediesforfight fatigue(we mean, those natural remedies to be integrated into a healthy diet! It is of little use to make use of natural remedies if you are a real rude at the table!)natural anti-stress ashwagandha (better known as Indian ginseng), acts as a tonic helping to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and fights tiredness, debilitation and nervousness.

- Ginkgo-based supplements
Tiredness is often linked to loss of attention, mental fatigue, short memory ... In this case, ginkgo-based supplements may be indicated, however its extracts are not without contraindications so for dosages it is better if you ask the herbalist for advice.

- Acai berries
They are small fruits native to the South American rainforest. They can be effectivenatural remedies for fatiguebecause they improve the general energy level of our body. They can relieve the sense of chronic fatigue and improve the quality of sexual performance.

Ginger and Bach flowers can also be natural remedies useful for eliminating fatigue.

The causes of fatigue

As we have described in the introduction, fatigue can have various causes. Usually, spring fatigue is linked to seasonal allergies just as summer fatigue is linked to pressure drops. Other cause mood disorders such as depression and cyclothymia can be very common for fatigue. PMS can also lead to listlessness and fatigue. Other more serious causes are linked to organic dysfunctions such as, for example, diabetes and thyroid disorders. Arthritis or severe stress can also lead to chronic fatigue... in short, the causes can be the most disparate. The best way tofight fatigueconsists in identifying thecauseand treat the problem upstream.

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