White flies: natural defenses

White flies: natural defenses

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Among the infestations to defend against in the vegetable garden and in the garden is that of white flies. Less dangerous than others, it must still be kept under control and can be done well with natural remedies. Here is some information and some tips.

The white flies they collect with their larvae on the underside of the leaves and fly away shaking the foliage. The plants most affected are those from the garden, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, especially if the vegetables are grown in greenhouses. Other frequent victims of infestations of white flies are ornamental plants.

Not causing damage to plants flies white adults but the larvae. In fact, the larvae suck the sap from the leaves causing the appearance of spots on the surface. The real problem of white flies, however, it is the droppings that cover the leaves like a sticky film. This patina favors the establishment of black smoke and the plants become seriously ill.

Prevention against white flies it is done above all with good ventilation, which is especially true for greenhouses where plants live in a confined environment. Then all the solutions that are used to strengthen the plants are useful, in particular the leaves, including garlic infusion and nettle macerate that can be prepared at home.

On the market there are also preparations based on algae that strengthen the plants, or specific glue tablets against the white flies and some preparations made with Neem tree essence. The latter are insecticides normally allowed in organic farming based on Azadirachtin, an active ingredient of natural origin that is extracted from the Neem tree: they act slowly, last for a long time and work well.

If you can't find them in your trusted store, you can order them online, for example on Amazon:

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