Albino ferret: characteristics and price

Albino ferret: characteristics and price

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Albino ferret, the exception par excellence. Yes, of all his fellow ferrets, of all his mustelid cousins, the albino ferret it is distinguished and not only by the color of its fur, completely white or cream. He also has a pair of red eyes that often inspire a little fear, but no demons on the horizon.

The albino ferret it is not among the most frequent, not now, maybe once upon a time, and we will see why. Currently viewed as a companion animal, the albino ferret, and not "for the use of hunter", therefore his look is restless and the Siamese is preferred. The coat of this animal practically makes it a albino ferret but with black eyes: the color of the hair is in fact almost totally white, apart from the beige shades on the legs and the spots around the eyes. Then there are the mask ferrets with light brown body hair and, in fact, darker on the legs and around the eyes.

Returning to albino ferret, I cannot deny it, we must mention the risk of deafness linked to the color of his hair. Apart from the fact that figuring out when a ferret is deaf is not that easy, albino ferret or not albino that is. In any case, there would be a study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association that would have highlighted a correlation between the congenital deafness of the albino ferret and its color.

With the subjects sedated, the team scientists linked theirs auditory potentials with the various characteristics presented, including sex and color and length of the hair. From the cases analyzed, over a hundred, no correlation between the congenital deafness of the ferret except with the white color of the coat.

Then just talk about ailments, because the albino ferret it is a great beautiful animal, very particular. Only, I close the parenthesis by explaining that congenital deafness cannot be cured, it should be avoided especially by breeders to mate ferrets at random or for profit. Continue to cross sick subjects or albino ferrets we will continue to see deaf ferrets born.

The albino ferret is fully entitled in the "club of albinos”And there are also humans if not cats, spiders and various other living beings. Albinism (from the Latin albus, "white") is the total or partial absence of melanin pigmentation in the skin, iris and choroid, hair and hair and is also associated with visual defects.

Deaf or not, the albino ferret which today is sometimes put aside has had moments of great glory, in the days when this animal was used for poaching small animals, especially rabbits and especially in the United Kingdom. White is easier to see at night and here's the albino ferret be the most precious and sought after, considered a main color, ancestral, rather than unusual.

Today the albino ferret it seems "a stuff for bizarre types", as a cliché, in truth the choice of color is completely subjective: the character of this animal in fact does not vary according to the color. It remains a question of taste.

The same goes for the length of the hair: it is an animal a short hair, half angora and angora, a ferret it can be a pestiferous or an angel, it changes that the short hair is pigmented, hard, smooth and shiny, of maximum 5 cm, while when it is a half angora it reaches 6-7 cm with soft and thin secondary hair, particularly bushy in winter. The angora hair has a winter length that reaches 14 cm and zero secondary hair.

Removed the albino ferret, here's what we can find around: champagne, with nose is pink, cinnamon (light brown-reddish), chocolate (warm brown, hazelnut or milk chocolate), sable (dark brown, ash, tending to black), black sable (tending to black, without shades of brown) and black.

If it's not a albino ferret, it may still have white markings in its honor. A milky mouth, on the muzzle that extends to the eyes, throat and chest. O Mitt, on the ends of the legs and on the throat and chest to form a gag; then there is the Blaze spot, a straight white line, without interruptions and symmetrical that starts from the forehead, passes between the ears and goes down to the base of the neck.

It sounds strange but there are also Panda ferrets, with head, neck and throat are completely white: here we are already approaching albino ferret because now and then blue eyes pop out between them with red pupil or ruby. In the same direction we go to DEW (Dark Eyed White), white all over the body.

And then there is only him, ours albino ferret, total white & red eyes: impossible to notice spots.

Regarding the prices, you can generally find puppies for about 300 euros, "ready", vaccinated. Exemplary available unless there are, they are albino ferrets or "colored", but they must be controlled very well and if not vaccinated they are not very convenient.

Apart from i prices not low vaccines, it should also be taken into account that from the third to the ninth week of life i ferrets they eat for about 4 euros a day to add vitamins and supplements, and why not a nice basket for relaxation.

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