Sodium Percarbonate, for use at home

Sodium Percarbonate, for use at home

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The sodium percarbonate it is an ecological whitener that is very effective in washing linen and cleaning the house; stains and sanitizes at the same time. Unlike bleach, the sodium percarbonate it has no enzymes, surfactants or optical brighteners, phosphorus or allergens and decomposes into substances already present in nature, without polluting.

It can be found in the most well-stocked supermarkets under the name of "Active Oxygen Stain Remover"But you have to make sure that the only ingredient on the label is Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, to avoid it being mixed with surfactants or other ingredients. If you are unsure where to buy thesodium percarbonate, we point out the online sale.

Keep in mind that only 15 grams of product will be enough to whiten the laundry, while 35 g, equivalent to 2 tablespoons, should be used for the most stubborn stains. In short, with one kg of sodium percarbonate you can do up to 66 times the laundry.

Properties of sodium percarbonate

The traditional laundry whiteners that you find for sale in supermarkets act as optical brighteners: they are harmful to the environment due to their poor biodegradability and to humans since they can irritate the skin and trigger allergic reactions.

The Sodium percarbonate is able to remove stains: in contact with water it decomposes developing calcium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide to which it owes its stain removal properties; all this happens already at 30 ° C therefore it allows to carry out washing at low temperatures, saving energy.

Sodium Percarbonate, use on laundry

Apparently Percarbonate would have no contraindications for the environment or for humans.

It can be used to whiten, stain and naturally sanitize laundry, to whiten white garments that turn gray and yellow over time and can also be used on colored garments, to take advantage of their sanitizing action. It can be used on both white and colored garments, on linen made of cotton or other fibers with the exception of wool, linen, leather or silk. In the washing machine and for hand washing.

To sanitize the linen just insert a spoonful of Sodium Percarbonate directly into the washing machine drum and proceed with the normal washing cycle at a temperature of 30 ° C. To take advantage of the stain remover, just put two spoons instead of one, always poured into the washing machine drum. For hand washing, add a spoonful of sodium percarbonate to the laundry soaked in warm water and proceed with the normal washing.

Sodium percabonate for dishes

The sodium percarbonate can be added to dish soap; in this way it enhances the washing power and sanitizes the dishes. Just add a spoonful of Percarbonate for every liter of washing water. As for washing in the dishwasher just add a teaspoon together with the detergent.

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