Flea collar for cats: how to choose it

Flea collar for cats: how to choose it

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Flea collar for cat: to put it or not to put it to our independent and libertine friend? And, if necessary, which one to put? With the arrival of heat, the dilemma of flea collar for cat knocks on the door along with fleas and ticks, invigorated by the summer.

While we are undecided, lulling ourselves in the doubts that we will unravel below, we are not idle but we frequently check our cat's hair. Flea collar for cat yes, or no, it should still be checked that there are no red spots on the skin and that he does not scratch himself in a compulsive and irritated way.

The flea collar for cat it is not an alternative to other remedies, not necessarily: there are specific shampoos, with localized treatments, to be spread on the soft fur, there are sprays, too, and over time less and less harmful to our cats, unless you decide to "cook" them yourself. This is also an option, and exists for collars too.

But let's start from the choices available on the market for a flea collar for cat. There are various types and models, with different durations and similar or not similar active ingredients.

Particularly innovative like flea collar for cat is Seresto, which exists in a version for dogs. The peculiarity of this product lies in the combination of materials, specifically designed so that the collar releases low doses of the active ingredients in a controlled manner for up to 8 months. In addition to an above average duration, this flea collar for cat it's not just anti-fleas: it kills existing fleas and ticks and deters ticks before they can sting, thus protecting the cat from their attacks and the diseases they bring with them.

An alternative, even in velvet, complete with a bell, and with a choice of colors, including red, which looks great with my Tari, is the flea collar for cat of Amber Wolf D034. Here let me open a parenthesis on the little bell: in general, let's choose it with a soft sound. It should be heard, but it can often make the animal nervous, and just imagine ourselves with a little bell that denounces our presence at every turn, in the true sense of the word, to understand that we should not abuse the "bell". It is useful that it is inserted at flea collar for cat if our big cat is wandering, it disappears in the tall grass, or disappears in general. Otherwise, if it is for our enjoyment, or for a chic or zen touch, we avoid.

Alternative of the alternatives to the flea collar for cat is a tag to be applied to the simple collar for pets. There is a double pack to try, it's a nice idea, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the collar must be put on our cat. You may not like it, but we don't stick to the idea that the collar is a "dog's business". Cats can also use the flea collar and draw several advantages, certainly before getting used to them, let's arm ourselves with patience. And some wise strategy.

First of all, flea collar for cat, or not anti-flea it is, ban on the imagination that I always reward, let's not exaggerate! On the market there are collars of completely different models, for material, color and shape, from the very simple ones, to those full of rhinestones, passing through medals and pendants.

The first thing to look at, after the'Anti-flea efficacy, is the closing mechanism. I am convinced that the idea of ​​having to buy a flea collar for cat every two by three, because the cat is a vagabond and restless is not very attractive. At least for our pockets.

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Once the goodness and safety of the closure has been ascertained, to accustom a cat to the collar it is necessary to proceed step by step, leaving it on him for a few hours and entertaining or distracting him while wearing it so that he does not focus on the "enemy" presence. When you put it on, with delicacy! Which confuses him with a caress and a cuddle, not with an attempt to strangle.

If you used patience and persistence, it's a good one flea collar for cat, the rest is done by the character of the animal: it could accept the gadget and be proud of it, or go crazy and stay busy taking it off all day.

In choosing the flea collar for cat, we take into account the "green" option. This is not a makeshift or a "stingy" solution or a necessity, on the contrary. If we proceed carefully, we can outperform a flea collar for cat commercial, especially in duration and in quality / price ratio. Also, made by us, a flea collar for cat it will not contain harmful substances, but only a lot of affection.

Let's try? Let's take a cloth handkerchief: it should be immersed in a bowl where we have already prepared a mixture of eucalyptus essential oil, lavender and lemongrass, 100% natural. Ten drops of each: there the fabric must soak for 5-10 minutes and then dry completely for a whole day. Only when there is no hint of humidity can we take ours flea collar for cat DIY and gently tie it around our pet's neck.

If it is very small, or can easily get rid of the scarf, we can opt for one satin ribbon or in grosgrain, which quickly absorbs the smell, however, we keep in mind that the duration of the flea effect is reduced from 2-3 weeks to just one. In solidarity with our cat, you can dress up with a decidedly pretty themed scarf.

While we're at it, we associate with flea collar for cat, natural, an equally do-it-yourself spray based on non-harmful products. Be careful not to fall into the "simpleton" mistake of thinking that if an essence is natural, then it's okay for the cat. No: as a cat owner you should know that they are refined animals, and with a very sensitive smell, which hardly tolerates some combinations. Fragrances such as lemon, green tea tree, cinnamon and carnation can be toxic, particularly to the liver. Neem oil instead it could perform an antiseptic and soothing action, such as tea tree oil or other essential oils with juniper, eucalyptus, thyme and aloe vera cleansers.

That said, let's go back to our spray recipe to associate with flea collar for cat. Take some lemon slices and boil them in a pot with 5 cups of salted water, for about 5 minutes, then let them rest for the night. And we, imitating the spray, go to rest: the cat already knows how to do it without repeating it several times. The next morning we filter the mixture, removing the lemon zest and pulp: the liquid is ready to be inserted into the spray bottle and… spray! Two or three times a day, all over the body, leaving aside the snout which is better to rub with your hands, so as to safeguard the eyes.

If we want to avoid the filtering work, we can use the'Lemon essential oil instead of the fruit, but be careful not to overdo it, the cat and its nose would not like it. If we really want to change the smell, it is possible to use rosemary with a similar procedure, including filtering.

Let us not delude ourselves, however, that these, even if natural, are magical potions: they must be applied several times, using a soft, fine-toothed comb, to brush the hair and remove fleas and eggs. Only the regularity rewards the fight against fleas. There is not flea collar for cat that betrays this rule: commercial, do-it-yourself, or made by someone who says that ... determination is the essential ingredient: fleas are stubborn, we must be more so. The cat is already very, let's imitate him!

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