Suzuki Vitara, our road test

Suzuki Vitara, our road test

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Asphalt, snow, mud or dirt, for her there is no difference, she grinds kilometers everywhere, even in the most arduous road conditions. And the new Suzuki Vitara and we ofIdeeGreen.itwe were among the privileged few to test it in the Safe Driving circuit ofMotoroasiand on the off-road route in the mountain resort of Sauze d’Oulx.

I tested the new one Suzuki Vitara in first person.
I don't usually accept invitations for road tests of cars with only heat engine, the sustainable mobility needs hybrid or pure electric engines ... Yet that figure on harmful emissions made me curious: 111 grams of CO2 emitted for every km traveled ... In short, the efficiency of the heat engine makes Vitara a truly economical 4 × 4 car, so much so that it consumes even less than a Panda cross!

Suzuki Vitara, harmful emissions and consumption

  • It would surprise you to know that you pollute more by using e-mail than by going out shopping withSuzuki Vitara?

According to theFrench Agency for the Environment and Energy Management 8 emails of 1 megabyte are enough to produce 152 grams of CO2. ThereSuzuki Vitara it emits only 111 grams of CO2 to travel a kilometer, less than onePanda Crosswith 0.8 Twin Air engine that produces 114 g / km and even less than an SUV of the same category that produces more than 196 grams of harmful emissions per kilometer.


  • Why should the harmful emissions of a vehicle matter to you?

Firstly for the health of the environment and secondly because harmful emissions are closely related toconsumption. The harmful emissions produced by an engine are directly proportional to consumption, the lower the CO2 emissions, the lower the consumption.

Of course, 111 g / km is still a lot if you consider that an alternative fuel suv like the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 MIVEC PHEV emits only 44 g / km but while we wait for the manufacturers to be able to offer hybrid / electric SUVs at more affordable prices, it is better to focus on vehicles with proven efficiency like the new Suzuki Vitara.

Going into the specifics of the question consumption, theSuzuki Vitaracan travel 100 km with only 4.2 liters of fuel without sacrificing power, the engine in question manages to deliver the power of 120 horsepower ... if it seems too little, wait until you read how much the maximum torque is: 320 Nm! With this data,Suzuki Vitarait's on paper (and also on the road considering the progress of ourstest drive) an SUV capable of offering exciting driving experiences.

Suzuki Vitara, our road test

Thanks to the eventVivaVitaraDay, I got to test thenewSuzuki Vitara in the most unfavorable road conditions, where it is necessary to bring out a tough and off-road character. I thus put it to the test Suzuki Vitara on the classic wet asphalt, in a tub of water with aquaplaning, in difficult corners and along an offroad course where huge holes, steep terrain and steep climbs were a constant. Luckily I got to continue on test drive even on the motorway, where most motorists are used to grinding miles.

When you get on board, the first impact is excellent: an essential console, perhaps a little too "German-style" but functional and easy to manage, the touchscreen display can be controlled immediately, it is intuitive! As well as the instrument panel and the “Drive Mode Select” knob that stands out on the central tunnel.


Accessibility on board is good, you can quickly get into both the front and rear seats. The cockpit is spacious and looking around I found several storage compartments, very useful especially for always having smartphones, cameras and other devices immediately at hand.

Moving on to the mechanical part, in all the tests carried out, theSuzuki Vitarait demonstrated high road holding and maximum stability, even on those descents and climbs that seemed impossible to tackle. With the steep descents I let myself be helped by the off-road systemHill Descent Controlthanks to which the car has automatically limited the speed to 10 km / h, they seem few but in a steep and muddy descent it will seem even excessive! ;) To use this system, it was enough for me to insert the first one and press a button in order to avoid any danger.

Another on-board technology used during the off-road route was the systemAllGripwhich allowed me to choose the driving mode that best suited the circumstances. Let's see how the AllGrip technology works which on board translates into the use of a simple knob.

On the central tunnel stands the selector to set the "Drive Mode" (driving mode) best suited to the road surface. In particular, the pilot can choose between four driving modes:

  • Snow

It is the driving mode used off road or on snowy roads. This mode optimizes wheel traction based on steering and accelerator inputs, always adjusting the vehicle's road holding. I took advantage of this driving method in the off-road kilometers traveled in the mountain resort of Sauze d’Oulx.

  • Car

4 × 4 traction is essential in the mountains but when driving in the city you have to pay attention to consumption and… let's face it, it would be a waste to use the 4 × 4 traction to go shopping! With the modeCar,the vehicle switches to front-wheel drive and prioritizes fuel economy. It is by combining thisDrive Modeto a more conscious driving style that maximum fuel economy is achieved. This mode is perfect in urban centers and combined with the systemStart & Stopstandard is a real godsend for pockets and the environment.


  • Lock

The perfect driving mode for navigating a swampy area! If the car is stuck in the snow or mud, the Drive Mode Lock provides for limited slippage of the differentials and manages to untangle the car by transferring the drive torque to the gripping tires. To this system is added RBS (Radar Brake System) technology, which activates braking in the event of a collision risk, electronic stability control ESP and many other safety devices.

  • Sport

My favorite driving mode, even if it is the least ecological one: Drive Mode Sport makes the most of 320 Nm of torque and delivers thrilling driving experiences. I used this driving mode on the highway where it was really easy to reach 150 km / h; unfortunately I could not dare any more since I was already breaking the limit of 130 km / h imposed by the highway code. The Japanese manufacturer reports a maximum speed of the Vitara equal to 180 km / h.

Suzuki Vitara, price

The price of the Suzuki Vitara starts at 19,900 euros. Don't be fooled by that "starts from ..."Fortunately, even with the admission price it is possible to access a car with rather complete equipment. For all-wheel drive, prices start at € 22,600 for petrol and € 25,100 for diesel respectively.

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