Urban mobility: success for Be Green in Lodi!

Urban mobility: success for Be Green in Lodi!

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Efficient and ecological urban mobility is the theme of the initiative BeGreen! which opened the cycle of three appointments with the first stage in Lodi where over 400 people visited the stands of the village BeGreen! to then participate in the Treasure Hunt in mode Orienteering, in the early afternoon.

… And already from today on the official website I'm registrations are open for the second stage to be held in Monza!

The path of urban mobility di Lodi was divided into 12 stages, or rather "lanterns" to use the terminology of orienteering, which allowed participants to discover the most evocative places in the city.

Each team has freely chosen its race strategy: some have chosen to complete the 12 lanterns of the map, delivered to each participant at the start, starting from the first and ending at the last and others have preferred to go in random order in search of the individual lanterns .

During the urban mobility path, the participants had to answer a question related to Lodi, located on the totem in each of the 12 control stations, so as to combine speed and a sense of direction with knowledge of the area.

At the arrival of the route, in Piazza della Vittoria in Lodi, the sports associations that participated with the greatest number of athletes were awarded. Here are the winners and prizes in detail:

- first place went to the Asd Karate Mabuni who won a semi-automatic defibrillator and a place in a BLSD IRC First Aid training course

- second place for Canottieri Adda who won a place in a BLSD IRC First Aid training course and one in the summer coach course of L’Orma

- in third place, with equal merit, GS Azzurra and Gs Sportime who won a place in a BLSD IRC First Aid training course.

The Asd Karate Mabuni team, champion of urban mobility at BeGreen's Lodi stage!

The first 30 competitors classified according to the time taken to complete the route and the number of correct answers to the questions posed on the totems of the 12 stations, will be awarded at the Informagiovani point in Lodi.

The ranking of "champions of urban mobility"Is available on the website:

The orienteering mapped course designed by Be Green! it will be bequeathed to Lodi, available to school groups, families and tourists who can use it to discover the beauties of the city.

The next appointments with the orienteering courses of BeGreen! are set for April 26 a Monza, from 2.30pm to 6pm, at Cascina San Fedele in Viale Cavriga, and for 20 September in Milan, the same time, inside the North Park.

The BeGreen project! has been conceived and created by Percorsi in Movimento Srl, in collaboration with the Municipality of Lodi, the associations L'Orma, Flower and Fiso Lombardia, with the contribution of the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, the Cariplo Foundation and the patronage of the Municipality of Lodi, the Municipality of Monza, and Cusi, of Ispra and the Kyoto Club.

You might also be interested in the "European Week of Sustainable Mobility"And" BeGreen: move while respecting the environment ", those who are more attracted to green areas from an agricultural point of view can read the article dedicated to'Urban agroecology

Video: Británico Green Webinar: Sustainable Urban Mobility, available options for safe journeys (July 2022).


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