How to make cheesecake with philadelphia at home

How to make cheesecake with philadelphia at home

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How to make Philadelphia cheesecake at home: the recipe without gelatin and easy to prepare. Ideas for strawberries, red fruits, Nutella or coconut grains.

Cheescake with Philadelphia cheese

There cheesecake it is a cold dessert that lends itself to a thousand variations, starting with the biscuit layer. Even the choice of cheese offers different variations and can fall on fresh cheese, mascarpone, ricotta, yogurt or philadelphia. And the coverage? Obviously there is no shortage of variants: syrups, fruit, cream, chocolate chips, coconut, hazelnut cream, Nutella, berry jam, topping… etc.

Cheesecake with or without cooking

There are also two types of cheesecake, what you put in the fridge that is without cooking and the cheesecake which requires cooking oven.

It is also possible to prepare a savory version; just use crackers or tarallini as a base (always to mix with butter) and a mix of fresh cheeses as a cover, fresh cheeses can be mixed with Greek yogurt in the case of the rustic cheescake.

Philadelphia cheesecacke without gelatin

There recipe that we will suggest today is the Philadelphia cheesecake, one of the varieties of cheesecake whose preparation does not require specific cooking skills. Unlike the recipe with fresh cheese, the one with philadelphia gives a more creamy texture without the need for jellyor isinglass.

It is an ideal dessert and, based on the ingredients provided for the topping, it can be adapted for both summer and winter. For example, the cheesecakewith strawberry topping is easy to prepare, refreshing and a sure hit in the summer months. Aphiladephia cheesecake with Nutellait is an evergreen that certainly won't be rejected at any time of the year!

How to make cheesecake with philadelphia

Here are the ingredients of thecheesecake without jellyand with Philadelphia cheese.

  • 400 grams of Philadelphia cheese
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 150 cl of partially skimmed milk
  • 80 grams of flour type 00
  • 1 organic egg
  • 150 grams of butter
  • Jar of strawberry jam or fresh strawberries if in season

Basic biscuit ingredients

  • 1 packet of cookies
    Choose type biscuits Great Turquoise or any other type of dry biscuit, also good for "digestive" biscuits.
  • 1 + ½ glass of milk or butter

How to make cheesecake with Philadelphia, preparation

Let's start with the preparation of the biscuit base and then try our hand at covering.

  1. Take the pan and cover it with butter and flour, to prevent the dough from sticking.
  2. Heat the milk and pour it into a large bowl then break the biscuits into the milk and let them soften for a few minutes
  3. When the dough is homogeneous, transfer it to the bottom of the pan
  4. Put in a preheated oven for 8 minutes at 150 degrees.

This way the cookies will become crunchy and the milk will dry. If you want to avoid cooking in the oven, use the butter directly and then let the biscuit base rest in the fridge. The biscuit base with butter is quicker but also more caloric, so you make your own assessments.

If you want onecheesecake lightnot only can you omit the butter for the biscuit, use totally skimmed milk ... you can also use the light philadelphia but we advise against it.

Now let's try our cheesecake coverage at Philadephia

  1. In a large bowl, beat the egg, add the well-melted butter and sugar then beat everything with a whisk, until the mixture is smooth
  2. Add the Philadelphia, the flour and the glass of milk, continuing to beat with the blender until all lumps are eliminated
  3. Pour the mixture on the baking tray, over the biscuit base and bake for 30 minutes at 170 degrees
  4. After 30 minutes, check that the mixture is cooked: just insert the tip of a knife or fork. If it is clean the cake is ready, otherwise keep it in the oven for another 10 minutes at a very low temperature or with the oven off.
  5. When the cake is ready, let it cool and cover the top with strawberry jam, preferably homemade.

Salty or sweet cheesecake, recipes

If you like thecheesecake, consider purchasing a specific recipe book from which you can extrapolate cheesecake recipes for any occasion. In fact, with philadelphia, cheesecake can also be served as an appetizer, at lunch time! Yeah, therustic or savory cheesecakesthey can be very tasty not only with philadelphia but also with ricotta and other soft cheeses. Among the various recipe books available in the libraries, we would like to point out the collection of 50 recipes to be cooked in the oven (therefore with cooking) or in the fridge (therefore without cooking, just like the one described on this page).

The book offers 50 recipes and can be bought at a price of about 13 euros with free shipping. Fans ofMasterChefand more refined cuisine, can point to the recipe book entitled60 classic and original recipes for heavenly cheesecakes. In this case, however, the price rises to 21.25 euros.

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