Extraordinary boiler maintenance

Extraordinary boiler maintenance

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There extraordinary boiler maintenance it is an important and delicate operation that must be entrusted by law to a specialized and certified company. This 'assignment' is up to the property administrator, in the case of centralized systems, or to the owner or tenant (tenant) in the case of autonomous heating systems.

The conductors of the heating system (administrator, owner or tenant) can delegate to the certified company all their responsibilities, including extraordinary maintenance of the boiler, appointing the company as the 'third party responsible for the operation and maintenance of the heating system'.

The 'third party responsible' subject to whom the operation of the heating system is entrusted and the extraordinary boiler maintenance have some tasks, in particular:

  • Compliance with the annual ignition period;
  • observance of the chosen time within the limits imposed by law;
  • maintaining the room temperature within 20 ° centigrade;
  • compliance with safety regulations.

In addition, the 'third party responsible for the operation and maintenance of the heating system' is responsible for the maintenance operations related to the boiler control which must be recorded in the 'plant booklet' (if the boiler is centralized) or in the 'system booklet. '(in the case of independent heating systems).

Extraordinary boiler maintenance: advice

We have said that the extraordinary maintenance of the boiler must be entrusted to a specialized company. This is all the more necessary for the renovation of an existing heating system. The first thing to make sure in case of restructuring is that the company possesses the requisites provided for by law 46/90 which regulates the matter.

In case of renovation of the heating system, it is also necessary to verify that the installer has filed the technical report with the Municipality before starting the work. At the end of the work, however, the company must obtain the technical declaration of conformity of the work performed. This is also necessary when it comes to eliminating a centralized heating system to replace it with autonomous small-sized heating systems serving the single residential units of the condominium.

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