Loud noises in the condominium

Loud noises in the condominium

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THE loud noises in the condominium I'm a bad bitch. They indisposition, put in a bad mood, disturb the rest, penalize health and it is not even said that it can be remedied. Not easily at least.

But when is a noise annoying? According to the law when it exceeds the threshold of 'normal tolerability', taking into account the conditions of the places. The condominium regulation also establishes times when all noisy activities are to be avoided, and there is little to discuss here. The real question is what is tolerable and what is not outside of rest hours.

Who feels like a victim of loud noises in the condominium can inform the administrator and ask that he take action to put an end to the disturbance. If the noises persist, they can refer to the judge, who can order a phonometric survey to establish the entity but also the cause of the noise.

If the disturbing noises depend on the behavior or the extravagant habits of a neighbor who keeps the music at full volume or carries out activities that are not allowed in the home, it is evident that he must be the recipient of the requests. But what if the disturbing noise is that of the lift or the systems? What if the cause of the annoyance are the so-called 'cardboard walls'?

In Italy there is a standard, the Dpcm 5.12.1997, which establishes the passive acoustic requirements of buildings. It contains the minimum and maximum values ​​of noise between different building units, external noise, footfall noise and noise of continuous and discontinuous systems.

Violation of the regulations on passive acoustic requirements may result in the builder being condemned to bring the property up to standard and to pay damages. And since numerous judgments have established that failure to comply with the Dpcm 5.12.1997 can cause a depreciation of 20% of the real estate value, the compensation is generally of this magnitude. And beware: the construction manager and the designer can be called into question together with the builder.

However, the Dpcm 5.12.1997 applies only to more recent buildings, and also in this case the road to recognizing the damage caused by noise linked to negligence or construction defects is long and uphill. Regardless, the problem of remedy remains. Which is no small problem.

Loud noises in the condominium: the remedies

If the problem is of a structural nature, that is, it depends on the lack of sound insulation in the slab or in the walls or on construction defects, the intervention from the inside is not very conclusive. A lowering ceiling padded with sound-absorbing material can shield the airborne noise, but it works little or nothing against the noise of footsteps or technological systems. The same applies to the counter-walls if the noises come from adjacent real estate units.

If the annoyance comes from the floor above, it could be that the floating floor has not been built, a measure that should be the norm today. Having checked this, one could think of carrying out one (in fact the only intervention that could be decisive) but the intervention is very invasive and in any case must be done in the house of the neighbor above.

The laying of the parquet reduces the noises by a few decibels, as well as the linoleum flooring or at worst a carpet. Good results can be achieved with good care and the right materials. But even these are interventions that the owner of the apartment above must do.

Clearly said, those who suffer i loud noises in the condominium (and perhaps in turn it produces), it is not that it can do much to solve the problem without involving the condominiums. This is why the information relating to the noise impact of the surrounding area and the noise of the property should be checked at the time of purchase or specifically requested during the design and construction phase.

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