Horticulture and landscape architecture in Ortogiardino

Horticulture and landscape architecture in Ortogiardino

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Vegetable garden is among the reference events for fans of floriculture, horticulture is nursery. If you can go there because it's worth it. And since Pordenone is not around the corner, it can be an opportunity to organize a business trip and visit the area. As do the many foreign visitors, last year 14% of the total, who arrive at Vegetable garden especially from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

Vegetable garden has existed for 36 years, but it is in the last four years that the Pordenone Fair has transformed this event from a destination for fans of horticulturalism a reference show for landscape architects, agronomists and planners of public green spaces. A moment of encounter and comparison among the most lively and fertile (that's the right word) on the national scene.

Distinctive element ofVegetable garden and the Garden Festival, an event within the event, which involves a real competition between ideas and various achievements on the subject of small gardens. The theme changes every year and that of 2015 was chosen: 'Harmony and botany in the garden'. A technical jury made up of agronomists, designers and sector journalists chose the 13 best projects, which will all be open to visitors during the event.

Each garden fair has a flower that represents it more than the others and the magical flower of Vegetable garden it is the orchid. And the historic market exhibition is dedicated to the orchid Pordenone Orchid that every year colors the event. There are unique specimens and 150 different types of orchids, particular and exotic selections, coming from the personal collections of many fans.

TO Vegetable garden on show horticulturalism and landscape architecture, but also a rich market of commercial plants and the tasting-sale of agricultural products at km 0 managed by Coldiretti. Outside, to complement the desire for nature and outdoor tourism, there is also the Blue Green Fair dedicated to campers and caravans for all needs.

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