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Cats also dream

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Cats dream, yes, too cats dream. And how if they do, it is much more than us humans. This is stated by a recent research that has ascertained how in the sleep of cats there is one REM phase with characteristics similar to the human one. Given the due proportions, on the percentage of feline and human sleep / wakefulness, cats dream grandis. And probably fewer bills to pay, fewer shirts to iron and a lot more lawns to run and trees to climb than we do. Bach flowers, chamomiles or anything else imaginable and we do not make us competitive.

Cats dream more of us the better. Especially if they can doze off on a window hammock complete with suction cups with which to attach it to the glass.From there, an excellent view of the garden: how not to dream of idyllic hunting scenes? Or to relax in the open air. As for the shirts to be ironed, maximum maximum cats dream to sleep on it. To prevent them from doing this, you can try to convince them by tempting them with a heater hammock. It is also washable and with a plush toy to welcome them.

In the REM phase, cats, like other living beings who have one, keep their brains active, able to imagine just as if they were awake, but remaining in a state of unconsciousness. Here they are then move the paws and ears, change position, and vibrate the whiskers, as if to smile satisfied with a captured prey. Difficult to see bothered cats in their sleep, if not disturbed by will. Maybe they sleep a lot during the day, but of course they enjoy it when they close their eyes.

There are those who claim that their serenity is also linked to what these sly animals do before going to bed. They eat something, in order to be athletic even in dreams, but above all they choose with almost maniacal attention the place to lean on. The sociologist Jean Baudrilland, goes further and observes how "Only the cat leaves the total imprint of his sleeping body on the sand or on the bed. Man does not know how to abandon himself to the shape of his body, in order to be able to experience total abandonment ".

Therefore, it is essential to feel comfortable in your bed. If the house does not offer a suitable one, there is an annex that cats dream to dream better. A house of their own, waterproof and welcoming for the garden. Wood, looks like a chalet. And it is also thermo-regulated.

Doing the math, if a cat sleeps almost 85% of the day - and when it rains it goes even further - and 15% of those hours are REM, cats dream for several hours. If you observe them, putting aside the envy for the serenity they seem to feel, with their eyes closed, sprawled, from their movements you can think that cats are dreaming of real life scenes. When they purr or meow, or moan, cats dream human cuddles or the memory of mother and breastfeeding. If, on the other hand, they move even imperceptibly their legs, they are chasing, sleeping, therefore without effort, a small prey. Mouth-watering. And it may be that, while cats are dreaming, they do.

Cats also dream of men, perhaps. There is no element that excludes it but not one that confirms it. What is certain is, however, that humans dream of cats. This is good or bad. It depends. Generally, it seems that dreaming of a cat means the arrival of a betrayal by a close relative. So look over your shoulder!

If you caress a cat in a dream, there is no shortage of worries, while catching a cat is a sign of poverty, but not of poverty of soul. It is not only a bad sign, however, the presence of this feline in human dreams: the cat's tail slightly anticipates the arrival of a new love. In flesh and blood, not even in a dream. The tooth of a cat, if it appears for some strange reason in the plot of a dream, or a nightmare, is symbol of increasing vitality. A cat running away suggests we have a behavior to change and, finally, a sleeping cat evokes displays of affection.

If I may be perplexed about the meaning of the previous dreams, I fully agree with the latter. I can't resist: I have to pet a cat while I see it sleeping, and I swear it's not for the sadistic intent to wake it up. No, cats dream rolled up, cats dream they dream in the sun, cats dream softly stretching on awakening with an almost reassuring do. Not at all worried that they might have missed something while snoring. Just looking at them is relaxation, and caressing them is, for my part, almost the desire to absorb their Zen serenity. To increase the chances of succeeding, here are some ploy in cotton, 1 square, There is no season: if desired, even quilted.

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