Red cats: my wonderful experience

Red cats: my wonderful experience

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Red cats. I don't know yours, but mine feels like the king of the house, not just the king of the gods red cats. King of cats, and of non-cats. Mine is called Tasi, and it doesn't make too much trouble to impose itself: it occupies spaces, preferably above the legs of those who have to get up, drinks from glasses, especially those who are distracted and will not notice it. All so i red cats? And why?

Maybe in another life, when they weren't yet red cats, they studied the symbolism of colors. Red has always been the color that symbolizes life, passion, and it is a color that dominates the others.

Here is that red cats do the same with their fellow men, showing, especially if males, energy and courage, power and, let me tell you, a certain self-centeredness too. As if to say: “where I want to go, I pass, if you are there you get up”. This applies when i red cats they sit down, when i red cats they get up when they want to go out and in through doors and windows and you have just sat down after closing them. And when it's -5 degrees, usually i red cats they linger on the threshold, because "I dominate".

If the law of the jungle always applies, in the world of red cats is worth more: among them there is that of survival and the fawn feline it can be said that it has proven to be more resistant. Aware of his power, he became more aggressive and bossy. Yet he is adorable in his wandering around the house with that little sovereign do. THE red cats, crafty, they know well that, even if sovereign, it is necessary to be loved by the "plebs", so here they wink and rub each other, and make you feel "unique": "I want to stay on your legs, and only on yours tonight", and we should feel clearly honored.

Like us masters of red cats, Many VIPs have also fallen for it. It is said that Shakespeare had a red cat, and also Churchill, certainly the one he acted with Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" it was. Of course, she acted with him, not vice versa, from the perspective of red cats, so it is. In France i red cats have won an entire anthology - "Les Contes Rouges du Chat Perche" by Marcel Aymé - and then there is the famous "Garfield".

I would choose red cats it is not a mistake, it is not an imprudence. It is done for their vivacity, their spontaneous pride that makes it impossible to pass them off as hateful and if you don't take them head on, red cats they are also company. In the Neapolitan grimace dreaming of red cats it means "momentary infatuation" but it is not so for those who have a real one: it is love at first sight and for life.

Just don't take it head on. It can be taken instead, even by race, if not foundling.
Among the many specimens, there are the beloved and popular ones Red Persians and the Somali Sommel Red, with long hair, while with semi-long hair, here are the Sacred of Burma and the Maine Coon. Short-haired win the European cats, red cats anyway, indeed, much more proud than many other Europeans.
Even for those who do not yet have red cats but cannot see the time, there is the temporary solution: a feline wall clock to count the moments.

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