How to deodorize home, natural remedies

How to deodorize home, natural remedies

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It may happen that some rooms in the house, even if they have been well cleaned, leave an unpleasant smell of which the cause is not always possible to understand. In any case, we can neutralize bad smells by going to the cause of the problem or by using very effective natural remedies.

Having a scented home does not mean resorting to the classic room diffusers available in supermarkets: often these are products that contain substances that are harmful to the environment and to the inhabitants of the house themselves! In this article we will show you how to deodorize the house using ingredients readily available at home.

How to deodorize the house, identify the bad smell
The first thing to do is to understand where this unpleasant smell comes from: in some cases, bad habits can cause it, such as:

  • Poor ventilation of the room
  • Smoke
  • Cooking with all the doors of the house open
  • Mold
  • Dirty walls
  • Dirty carpet, curtains and rugs
  • Wardrobes with dirty clothes
  • Dirty and smelly clothes and shoes
  • Dust, etc.

How to proceed to eliminate the bad smell:

  1. First, move the furniture and carefully clean the accumulated dust
  2. Beat rugs and, if possible, wash them or have them washed by a professional then, remove the curtains and wash them: also soak blankets, pillows and any other fabrics present
  3. Empty drawers and wardrobes, smell the clothes to see if they are the problem: if in doubt, wash everything and put natural deodorants for cabinets, such as lavender
  4. Check if there are any traces of mold due to poor ventilation in the room, humidity or some water infiltration. In the case of mold, you can solve it with one or more of these methods found in the article "How to eliminate mold"

How to deodorize the house, natural remedies
First of all, ventilate the room properly, trying to create a minimum of current between the various rooms of the house: if the environment is very lived in, we recommend that you open the shutters for at least 2 minutes every hour.
At this point, prepare a mixture of equal parts of hot water and vinegar, then put in a few drops of the essential oil you prefer and wash everything you have at home: excluding

To perfume your home, if you are in winter you can opt for simple orange or lemon peels to put on the radiators at home.
To create an air freshener just boil the cloves or cinnamon sticks for a few minutes in water then filter everything and put in a spray bottle. A valid alternative, often also used for Christmas decorations, consists in sticking many cloves into the orange peel. Why not resort to scented candles? You can make them at home; in this regard, we refer you to the article "DIY scented candles"

If the problem has not been completely resolved, I can recommend a grandmother's remedy which consists in crumpling up newspaper sheets and putting them in the smelly room; leave them there for several days, until the stench is gone: my grandmother says it works!

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