Green companies are growing

Green companies are growing

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The green companies they grow. Much. And also in construction, one of the sectors most affected by the crisis, where a new way of building is emerging characterized by attention to living comfort, the environment and energy saving.

The green economy is the driving force behind the recovery and the birth of green companies confirms it. In 2015 there were 48,000 companies in Italy with a production specialization in 'environmental know-how' and over 470,000 employees, of which almost a fifth (79,000) in Lombardy.

Not just agriculture. See precisely the case of Lombardy, where almost half of green workers live in Milan (35 thousand), which in the region is also the city with the largest number of green companies (3,695). Followed by Brescia (1,212) and Bergamo (1,034). According to data from the Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere, in the last period the greatest growth was recorded in Lecco (+ 14%), before Bergamo and Monza (+ 8%). And in the last five years the sector has had a regional increase of 56%.

Institutions must support this growth. The green companies they need smart infrastructures and find their mission in them. For this reason, the Lombardy Region has allocated 235 million euros for the “Smart Cities” with a series of precise objectives: development of broadband, energy efficiency, support for electric mobility, in order to help Lombard companies.

And it has launched actions to encourage the birth, development and consolidation of green companies and professional firms. "Green Know-How Community" aims for example to create a structured and continuous collaboration between companies, professionals, public and private research centers that in Lombardy deal with the environment, sustainable development and eco-innovation.

But also to support and assist, alongside business associations, the new green companies oriented towards sustainable development that can also attract foreign companies and professionals to the Lombardy area.

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