The Smarter Working Manifesto

The Smarter Working Manifesto

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The Manifesto of Smarter Working announces a new way of working. One way that companies allow employees to decide on the best place and how to do what they should. Result? A more productive and motivated workforce.

Drawing from their international experience, journalist Guy Clapperton and Plantronics Vice President Philip Vanhoutte have created a real guide on how to organize the best possible workplace in the 21st century, both inside and outside the office. This was born this book entitled The Smarter Working Manifesto.

The motivated workforce today is more motivated than ever to take responsibility for their role, their company and their work experience in general. The Smarter Working Manifesto provides examples for achieving greater productivity with happier staff.

Of course: it's not a book about flexible working and how employees can work from home. We have already read about these. The Smarter Working Manifesto rather it provides guidelines for a potential change in managerial philosophy. Vanhoutte emphasizes that building an environment Smarter Working it's not easy, especially for a multinational, but positive and overwhelming change is possible.

According to research by the analyst firm IDC (IDC Study 2013, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015), 34% of workers will be mobile by 2015. Says Clapperton: “Companies can no longer ignore the change in work style. Gone are the days of work from 9 to 17, sitting in a traditional workplace. Fortunately, today's worker can use many specific tools and technologies that help smarter work, no matter where they work. The Smarter Working Manifesto it helps both the entrepreneur and the employees to undertake this path ".

The Smarter Working Manifesto is on Amazon (original English version) for 15.43 euros

Kindle version (downloadable immediately) for 7.42 euros

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