Beneficial properties of Papaya

Beneficial properties of Papaya

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There papaya, an exotic fruit with a juicy pulp, is highly appreciated in various sectors for its high antioxidant power; it also contains a proteolytic enzyme with a high digestive action, an effective substance in case of digestive problems. In recent years, papaya has also had a considerable use to treat some diseases: just think that it was also recommended to Pope John Paul II as an alternative remedy for Parkinson's symptoms by a French scientist.

Papaya, beneficial properties

According to experts, papaya would be effective in fighting water retention and cellulite: if taken on an empty stomach with pineapple it would facilitate the release of fatty acids from fat cells with a draining and also anti-inflammatory action. It would also be able to stimulate the metabolism: according to experts it would be able to break down proteins faster with consequent weight reduction.
Some recent studies have shown that papaya would be able to fight gastritis, colitis and chronic constipation and to strengthen the immune system.
It would also have exfoliating and antimicrobial properties on the skin. In this regard, we recommend reading the article "DIY papaya-based face masks"

Papaya, nutritional properties

Papaya contains vitamins E, C and A and mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, it is also rich in
antioxidants such as selenium, flavonoids, carotene and provitamin A. Carotenoids, nutrients effective in protecting cells from free radicals, are present in greater quantities in papaya than other fruits such as grapefruit, orange, kiwi, avocado and carrots. It is also rich in flavonoids, nutrients necessary for blood circulation.
Thanks to the high amount of easily absorbed carbohydrates, vitamins and salts, papaya proves to be an excellent energy reserve that is very useful for times of stress or fatigue.

The fermented papaya

According to some studies, fermented papaya would be able to combat diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Sars: this is because fermentation would allow to concentrate and develop all its principles and enzymes to the maximum.
Also according to experts, the fermentation of the fruit would improve the concentration of the substances contained in it by about 30 times more.
Useful indications: fermented papaya must be necessarily freeze-dried since its enzymes are very sensitive to heat.

Of course, the scientific usefulness of papaya has yet to be verified, but the fact that the substances contained in it are good for our body remains indisputable.

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