Electric Volkswagen, price for e-Golf and e-Up!

Electric Volkswagen, price for e-Golf and e-Up!

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When it comes tovolkswagen electricfor now we refer toVolkswagen e-Golfand atE-Up!both agile and brilliant and above all both exempt from paying car tax. Thepriceof theVolkswagen electric? 27,000 euros for theVolkswagen E-UP!and just 10 thousand euros more for theElectric golf,but let's see all the details.

Volkswagen Golf Electric Price
Thepriceof thee-Golfstarts at 37,000 euros, some consider it acostexaggerated for a 'electric carfrom a range of 130 km to 160 km but among the advantages of Electric golfwe remember those typical of any EV vehicle, that is the much lower management costs: the owners of an electric car do not pay the car tax, some agencies provide a discount on the RC car, the municipalities allow access to the ZTL and some administrations allow you to park for free on the blue lines, not to mention fuel savings. With an electric car 100 km can be covered with 3 euros. All information on theElectric golfcan be found in the articleVolkswagen e-Golf, price and features.

Volkswagen E-UP! Price

Theree-up!, the small one electric car home Volkswagen, takes you home to thepriceof 27,000 euros with an electric motor capable of delivering a power of 60 kW (equivalent to 82 horsepower) and a declared range of 160 km, even if theroad testsunderestimate this figure, reporting an effective range of about 140 - 145 km.

Like on board the sisterEco Up with methane,the small oneVolkswagen electricit has a 5 ″ pull-out touch display that includes, in addition to the navigator, a hands-free system, a multimedia player and various information on the vehicle's status. Good to know:on the touchscreen you can view all information about the electric drive (autonomyresidual, consumption, energy flows ...) and also advice on how to adopt an environmentally friendly driving style.
The on-board navigator displays the geographical area that can be covered based on the remaining range and, inPOI (points of interest) a list of the nearest charging stations is available.

Speaking again ofautonomyof theUp! electricwe see that there are two functions capable of "increasing" it, or rather, capable of making on-board consumption more efficient.
These are the Eco and Eco + functions, which can be activated with a button on theconsole, by activating these functions lapowerprovided byelectric motorit passes respectively to 68 (from 82 horses) and 54 horses. In any case, just reduce the speed by 10 - 20 km / h to see the range increase by several kilometers.
The pilot can also handle theregeneration of energy during brakingon four levels, in this case the functions can be activated through the gear lever.

Electric Volkswagen E-Up !, technical sheet

  • Front motor, electric synchronous with permanent magnets and alternating current
  • Maximum power of 82 hp
  • Maximum torque 210 Nm
  • Lithium battery, 17 modules and 204 cells
  • Battery voltage 374 Volt. Energy 18.7 kWh.
  • Transmission with single-speed gearbox
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Front disc and rear drum brakes
  • Volkswagen Up electric dimensions:
    length equal to 354 cm. Width equal to 165 cm. Height equal to 148 cm.

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