How to save on laundry

How to save on laundry

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Making the washing machine involves an expense both in detergents and in electricity, what to do to save? Here are some very useful tips on how to save on laundry.

Using too much detergent does not make the clothes cleaner worse, it only makes them more soaked in soap and scholars have also shown this: even with the use of half a dose of detergent normally recommended by the manufacturers, the laundry is perfectly clean. Instead of conventional detergents you find in the supermarket, you can use natural DIY detergents; they are still effective but are not harmful to the environment.

How to save on laundry, the detergent
Among the natural remedies we have bicarbonate; it can be used, instead of chemical stain dissolvers, to remove stains from white natural fiber fabrics. Just rub a creamy solution made in the proportion of 1 part of water and 3 parts of bicarbonate on the stain and leave it to act for 1 hour. Once this is done, wash normally in the washing machine by adding two tablespoons of Marseille soap flakes and half a cup of bicarbonate-based solution to increase the bleaching power.

How to save on laundry, useful information

  • Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener: the vinegar sanitizes and removes detergent residues from the garments, making the fibers of the fabrics soft. 100 ml of vinegar is enough for each wash. Did you know that vinegar is also a powerful descaler? In this regard, we advise you to do the maintenance of the washing machine from time to time, operating a vacuum cycle with water and 1 liter of white vinegar at 60-90 degrees
  • Do your laundry in the evenings and on weekends, taking advantage of the cheapest time slots: if you have a two-tier tariff plan you can save up to 20% on your energy bill
  • Only operate the washing machine if it is fully loaded without overloading it: if it is too full, the detergent will not be distributed evenly and the laundry would not be perfectly clean
  • Choose the type of cycle according to the degree of soiling of the garments
  • For dark garments, avoid the high temperature, but put them in the washing machine inside out and use cold water
  • Avoid bleach which tends, over time, to make whites gray: you can replace it with perborate
  • If your washing machine also performs the drying action, do without it, better hang the laundry outdoors.

PLEASE NOTE: avoid putting clothes to dry on radiators, you would have less heat in the house and would consume more.

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