Tansy, cultivation and natural remedies

Tansy, cultivation and natural remedies

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Thetansy(tanacetum vulgare)it is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, easy to recognize for its yellow flowers. Thetansyit has a sturdy, straight stem that branches off at the top, its leaves grow along the stem and are arranged alternately.

Thetansyit is very widespread in Italy, it grows spontaneously throughout the territory (except for Sardinia where it is rarer), especially in uncultivated fields and grassy mountain slopes. It is also easily found on roadsides or on the banks of waterways.

Cultivation of Tansy

It grows well on many types of soil, both calcareous and siliceous with a neutral pH and rather dry soil. It follows that, whoever wonders about thecultivation of tansywon't have big problems: this plant doesn't have many needs! For the cultivation of tansy:

  • choose a very sunny place and prefer light soils
  • sow in spring and plant the already well developed seedlings

There are many reasons that lead tocultivate tansy: this herbaceous plant is cultivated for ornamental purposes, to keep flies and ants away, for use in the kitchen (the famous liqueur of tansy) and for the infusions and to take advantage of his property in the context of natural remedies.

Forcultivate tansyyou can start with an already developed plant or with seeds. In this regard, we indicate both the solutions available on Amazon.

Seeds of tansy
Generally, the seeds will be delivered to you with a leaflet that will explain how to continue with the sowing. Our advice is to choose a very sunny place where you can broadcast sowing.

Aromatic herb tansy with vase
In this case, thetansyit is supplied in a 12 cm pot. Since this is a pot-related herb grown bush, the price rises to 14.99 euros. Those who live in the Neapolitan area can also buy the plant live, the physical store is located in Via Motta Casa dei Miri, at number 4 in Gragnano. Plants oftansyalready started can be found, in the wild, throughout the Italian territory so the most willing can arm themselves with patience and obtain their own seedling through the harvest.

Tansy, properties and natural remedies

The strong smell typical oftansyit is due to an essential oil rich in camphor. It contains a certain amount of flavonoids even if the most important active ingredients are called molecular complexessesquiterpene lactones, the parthenolids.

Thetansyis employed asancient natural remedyagainst headache due to the high content of parthenolids. A study, conducted on 73 patients with recurrent headache attacks, showed that thetansymanages to reduce the frequency and also the intensity of headache attacks, the same study did not indicate significant side effects. The action oftansyit would be of a preventive type while it appears rather modest when the headache crisis is already underway.

In addition to headache prevention, thetansyis used for its anti-allergic action: the dry extract titrated oftansyit causes inhibition of the secretion of histamine, one of the substances involved in the triggering of allergic reactions. Paradoxically, however, thetansyit can trigger allergic reactionscutaneous.

Betweencontraindications, the use oftansyto pregnant women as there are no studies that can reassure us about the relative effects of the extract of this plant on the fetus.

Thetansyit also lends itself well to garden care, such as natural repellent and as a remedy for cockroaches.

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