How to improve energy efficiency

How to improve energy efficiency

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How to improve energy efficiency, let's start with a figure: it is calculated that an LED bulb consumes 85% less than a traditional one. This number is enough to show how the issue ofenergy efficiency - and therefore strategies aimed at improving it and spending less by reducing the electricity and gas bills - is of great importance above all to counter the current high energy prices, but not only.

More and more companies and individuals are beginning to review their consumption, managing supplies more carefully and choosing the most convenient (using tools such as our comparator created in collaboration with SosTariffe): for example, Simple Energy by Illumia includes in the supply LED bulbs for a value of as much as € 200, in order to reduce the cost of the bill by about € 100 per year; also Enel, withE-light offer, proposes a similar initiative. Generally, thanks to the electricity and gas offers on the free market, it is possible to save over 300 euros per year, improving energy efficiency and also helping to protect the environment: less waste means less tons of CO2 released into our atmosphere.
But good practices for improve energy efficiency there are many. They range from the most classic and well-known advice, even if not always followed (for example, turning off the light when you leave a room or using the washing machine and dishwasher saving programs, as well as replacing your appliances with class A ones) that most people do not know: for example the elimination of dispersions with thermal insulation and insulation, the automated regulation of condominium lights, the use of the condensing boiler, the installation of radiant panels, the possibility of investing thanks to state incentives in order to equip their home with photovoltaic systems and thus achieve energy self-sufficiency. Other tips are useful if you make extensive use of other appliances, such as air conditioners in the hottest areas; if these are switched on for several days a year, it is advisable to purchase them in class A +++, in order to save up to 20% on the electricity bill.

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