Agriculture Milan Festival

Agriculture Milan Festival

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Agriculture Milan Festival it is an opportunity to look at the city from a different perspective. In fact, Milan is known as the Italian economic capital, less so for being the capital of the most important agricultural region of Italy with over 50% of the metropolitan area covered by cultivated fields and woods.

Yes: Milan is also agriculture and it is no coincidence that the South Milan Agricultural Park is the largest in Europe with an extension of 47,045 hectares, almost half of the entire province, and over 1,000 farms housed in 61 municipalities. And if the city is important for agriculture, agriculture is important for the city with the function of defending the territory and the contribution of the agri-food sector to the economy of the Region.

Agriculture Milan Festival, from 2 to 6 October in the city and in the South Agricultural Park, it is also an opportunity to discuss some aspects: generational change, innovation and a location that is a reference point for agriculture in the Milanese area after Expo 2015.

In Italy, but in the rest of Europe it is no different, over 50% of agricultural entrepreneurs are over sixty years old. This is why young people are an important asset of the Rural Development Plan approved at EU level and one of the cornerstones of the policies for the future. Together with technology, low environmental impact works and saving natural resources.

In the Milano Sud Agricultural Park, headquarters of the Agriculture Milano Festival, the cultivated areas cover 37 thousand of the more than 47 thousand hectares. Then there are the naturalistic areas where the physiognomy of the wooded areas that once covered the Po valley is still visible.

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