Organic tobacco for organic cigarettes

Organic tobacco for organic cigarettes

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The organic tobacco it is a less harmful alternative to health than cigarettes as it at least partially limits the intake of certain harmful substances. It should be emphasized that in any case, ecological cigarettes are not harmless although a tobacco can be harmless and organic. Let's see in detail some brands of organic tobacco present on the market.

Yuma organic tobacco
For this type of tobacco no pesticides or chemical treatments are used during its preparation phase: it is suitable for those who love to smoke ecological cigarettes with a not too strong flavor.

American Spirit organic tobacco
In the organic version, it is an organic tobacco that still follows rigid and traditional procedures: it is grown and harvested by hand, without using any chemical substance and without ingredients that alter the substance. It has a very strong and dry flavor.

Maya organic tobacco
It is an organic tobacco with first choice characteristics that is not easy to find, but which has first choice characteristics. It also has a strong taste.

Chiaravalle organic tobacco
Italy also boasts of a quality product that can satisfy long-time smokers, we refer to Chiaravalle. It is an organic tobacco that does not use additives and chemicals, it has a dry taste without being annoying. In the Viriginia version it has a less incisive but still pleasant taste.

Organic tobacco, useful tips
The choice towards an organic tobacco is already a first step towards environmental sustainability. But more can be done! Maybe even choosing papers made with papers without a high concentration of rubber and more natural filters. Smoking is bad for human health and tobacco crops damage the environment as they involve the massive use of pesticides and nitrogen-based fertilizers. Choosing organic tobacco will not protect your lungs from the carbon monoxide produced during the combustion of the cigarette but at least you will avoid breathing residues of pesticides and fertilizers and will mitigate the environmental impact of tobacco cultivation.

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