Tv on the Internet: the best solutions

Tv on the Internet: the best solutions

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There tv on the Internet it is part of the change in habits brought about by technology. Not many years have passed since the television was the undisputed king of the living room and domestic after-dinner: all sitting in front of the television screen watching the programs of RAI and the few private channels.

Today with the tv on the Internet everything has changed. The range of content has expanded to previously unthinkable levels and the numerous on-demand services offer the ability to choose not only what to watch, but also how to watch it.

Yes, because today pay-TVs have cleared customs for many other ways of using the program offer. The TV continues to be the main one, but is closely followed by PCs, tablets and even smartphones, which allow with the tv on the Internet to enjoy your favorite programs even away from home and even outdoors, without missing anything.

The price downsizing of Mobile Internet and increasingly performing technologies (waiting for the 4G LTE that promises wonders), allow streaming broadcasts of the tv on Intertnet economically accessible to a wide audience and with a level of definition capable of rivaling the most famous smart TVs. Quality is no longer an obstacle.

However, some verification is needed. If any TV was enough to watch traditional TV, with the tv on the Internet just any pc is not enough. And above all, just any Internet is not enough. Before choosing the best solution tv on the move without nasty surprises you need to check the compatibility of your pc, tablet or smartphone devices. Above all, check if the operating system you use is iOS, Android or Windows Phone because not all systems work on all platforms.

For example Sky Online, Sky's TV streaming service, does not support smartphones (for which there is the Sky Go service), but works on both PC and Mac and Apple and Samsung tablets, as well as on PlayStation. 3 and 4. For its part, Infinity TV, upon purchase of the Google Chromecast dongle, can also work on non-smart TVs but equipped with an HD port.

Finally, be careful to use the tv on the Internet if you are not on the wireless at home or without a subscription to Mobile Internet convenient (compare them and choose the one that best suits your needs with the rate comparator by IdeeGreen).

Note that the streaming broadcast of the tv on the Internet it requires a lot of bandwidth, especially for high definition content. It is true that in some cases it is possible to select a lower image quality to save gigabytes of traffic, but this is a trade-off.

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