Precision farming, here's how it works

Precision farming, here's how it works

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L'precision agricultureleverages a range of innovations to improve agricultural crop management. In particular, theprecision agricultureuses satellite technology.

Let's try to outline the activities related to an exercise based onprecision agriculture.

First we see a system satellite which sends signals to the control units positioned on board the various agricultural machines: a tractor associated with a seeder could be controlled by a satellite guidance system as well as a combine sensors of humidity and mass of the harvested grain could record data continuously or a tractor with fertilizer spreader could act "autonomously" thanks to sensors able to distribute fertilizer in a targeted manner.

What is the point of all this?
The satellite assisted driving system allows the operator on the tractor to maintain the right trajectory in the field, this task, to those who are not in the sector, might seem simple but industrial crops are never regular so you often end up overlapping passages which involve waste of time and additional costs in technical means.

At the time of threshing, the systems equipped with sensors for measuring humidity and putting the grain collected on board the combine harvester have the ability to continuously record the humidity and production data of every single square meter of the field. Thanks to these collected data it will be possible to create production maps which, stored in the company computer, will give indications on how to distribute the fertilizer in a targeted way, increasing the production dose and containing the quantity of fertilizer distributed ... and here we arrive at the fertilizer spreader !

The sensors on the fertilizer spreader will open and close automatically by reading the production map created thanks to the data collected by the combine.

For a large farm, the technologies ofprecision agriculture, would allow even 3-4,000 hectares of fields to be managed very easily and with a significant saving of resources, money and time.

L'precision agricultureit is gradually spreading, its use is also expanding in the horticultural, fruit and wine sectors.

Precision agricultureand agricultural labor
The technologies ofprecision agriculturethey do not replace agricultural labor related to the use of machines: the operator on board the tractor will have a PDA on which the size of the field to be treated and the shape of the tractor are schematised. The automatic steering system acts directly on the tractor steering and thanks to the GPS manages to keep the passes exactly parallel with minimal overlap. The operators on board the combine and fertilizer spreader will also have more tools at their disposal to make their work more efficient (and less stressful).

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