Winter and spring digging, all the tips

Winter and spring digging, all the tips

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Soil digging: prepare thegroundit will allow us to obtain a better harvest. The cultivation of the vegetable garden starts with the care of the land and themanual diggingis the optimal way to start it all!

Therediggingis the basis of everything, that's why we want to emphasize themeaning!Digging the land does not only meanturn the clods with the spade, it means improving the structure and fertility of the soil, it means preparing the soil for garden cultivation.

In thevegetable gardenfamily, with a limited extension, it will not be necessary to resort to machines to dig the soil, but if you start from a very uncultivated and weedy ground, for adiggingdeeper, it may be advisable to use a rotary tiller.

Theremanual digging
Thanks todiggingthe soil is preparing for cultivation. Who decides to proceed with themanual diggingmust, first of all, have onespade… It seems obvious but many inexperienced gardeners try to dig with a shovel which is a completely unsuitable tool for this operation! Therespadebest for themanual diggingit must be equipped with the bracket to exert force on the tool and go down as deep as possible, especially if the ground to be digging has been uncultivated for some time.

For thedigging by handbetter to choose a dry day, as the wet ground gets mixed up and makes you work harder. In reality, wet soil should not be worked on or walked on because in doing so it becomes compact and becomes more difficult to cultivate.

Winter digging
Therewinter digging it is performed during the rest period of the garden, when frost and snow facilitate the work (the action of the frost helps the clods to break up allowing the soil to better aerate). To prepare thegroundto the cultivation of the vegetable garden, you take advantage ofdiggingto fertilize the soil: first fertilizer is spread (better mature manure or, alternatively, pelleted) and then spade. In this way, the fertilizer will be buried deeply and will be able to release the nutrients necessary forvegetable garden.

Who has a small home garden and yesbelovedwith thecompostingof organic waste, can take advantage ofdiggingto use compost.

How to dig the soil
Fordigwell the soil must go deep down the entire length of the tool blade, then force it and turn the entire clod collected into the spade.

To better manage thedigging, it is good to take care of one portion at a time and at the end level the ground with the rake.

Spring digging
Who is at the firstdiggingwill have to work a lot through the winter digging, while those who own avegetable gardencured for some time, with loose and already fertilized soil, it will have to be limited to onediggingsuperficial. In this case, one operates directly inspring, before sowing.

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