Grow the pomegranate, all indications

Grow the pomegranate, all indications

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How to grow pomegranate: from the purchase of the plant to the care to be devoted to harvesting the fruit. Pruning, irrigation and fertilization.

Grow the pomegranateit is a doubly rewarding activity: on the one hand, the user will have access to fruits from surprising property and on the other it will enrich the garden with a splendid one ornamental plant. The pomegranate is both onefruit plant, is a plant with a beautiful presence! For this reason, in fact, there is no shortage of varieties ofdwarf pomegranategrown for flowering with sapling or even with the technique ofbonsai.

Thepomegranateit produces good fruit and is considered a beautiful ornamental plant.Grow the pomegranateit is possible throughout Italy even if those who live in the Center-South will be able to obtain more abundant blooms and harvests.

In nature, thepomegranatehas a bearingshrubby-bushybut in the home garden it can be grown as a sapling with an adequate operation pruning. Let's see immediately all the useful information to start onecultivation of pomegranate.

How to grow pomegranate, the needs of the plant

Thepomegranateit is a plant typical of temperate environments, in Italy it produces fruits throughout the peninsula but suffers at low temperatures, it stops producing fruits with temperatures below zero. It suffers a lot around -10 ° C and dies at -20 ° C.

It adapts to different types of soil but prefers loose and deep ones. It bears little water stagnation and tolerates drought only for a short time. For this it will be necessaryirrigate the pomegranateevery 8-10 days during the summer, theseirrigationswill affect the quantity and quality of fruit produced in the fall.

It's possiblegrow pomegranate in potspaying more attention to the quality of the soil and increasing the frequency of summer irrigations. For the rest, the care to be devoted to the plant of pomegranate, in vase or in the garden, they remain unchanged.

How and when to plant pomegranate

When to plant the pomegranate?
The best time to plant pomegranates and start cultivation varies according to the weather.

  • In the center and south, it can be planted from autumn to late winter.
  • In the North, it is possible in spring, after the cold winter.

1) Buy potted plants with earthen bread in the nursery or on Amazon.
2) Open a hole a little larger than the clod of earth, making sure that the neck of the plant (insertion point between the stem and roots) maintains the same height as it had in the pot.

On Amazon there are many proposals for pomegranate plants in pots. For all information on purchase proposals, please visitthis Amazon page.

How to prune pomegranate

In the cultivation of any plant, thepruningplays a key role. In this paragraph we will see how to implement the pruning and when prune the pomegranate.

In the first three years the plant needs only small cuts to form the scaffolding. Later they will only be neededpruningcontainment.

Pomegranate, sapling pruning

For the sapling shape it will be necessary to prune in winter. During the winter, suckers (branches that grow at the foot of the plant) must be eliminated. During the winter the suckers (branches that grow on the trunk, below the set branch scaffolding) must be eliminated.

Pomegranate, free-form pruning

The pomegranate has a bushy growth and the free form allows to maximize fruit production. The newly planted plant is sprouted 15-20 cm from the ground. Only the branches that will form the main branches of the bushes remain. The operation will be mainly of thinning.

Inprune the pomegranateremember that the development of flowers and fruits occurs in the terminal area of ​​the branches, so these should not be excessively shortened, otherwise you risk sacrificing flowers and fruits.

When to prune pomegranate?

The ideal period includes the months of January, February and March.

Fertilize the pomegranate

Plants can benefit from nitrogen-based fertilizers such as ox blood.

Potted pomegranate

For the cultivation of pomegranate in pots, the same indications seen previously apply. Choose the variety ofdwarf pomegranatewhich generally does not exceed 100 cm in height and is easier to manage. Place the pot in a sunny area.

Properties of pomegranate

The fruit is harvested between September, October and November. The properties of pomegranate have been known since the beginning of time, in fact, since ancient times this particular fruit was a symbol of abundance and longevity. Thepomegranateit is included in the list of anti-cancer foods. For more info: Pomegranate property

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