Aquarium accessories, what do we need?

Aquarium accessories, what do we need?

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Aquarium accessories: hydrometer, thermometer, timer, delivery room… what are theaquarium accessorieswhich we need? After having seen how to build an aquarium, let's now move on to the accessories needed to ensure the correct maintenance of our small submerged ecosystem.

To perform the daily operations of the aquarium maintenance, it is advisable to have a minimum ofaquarium accessories.

Aquarium accessories, the thermometer
Everyone knows that it is necessary to install a thermometer directly in the aquarium, but not everyone knows that the tolerance in the measurements of these thermometers is sometimes excessive. Thus, in order to make correct readings, it is advisable to use a quick-reading precision thermometer from time to time.


Aquarium accessories, aerometer
In the case ofmarine aquariums, ahydrometer, also known as an aerometer, an instrument designed to determine the density of water which, as a function of temperature, is closely related to its salinity. The water in the home aquarium tends to evaporate, increasing the salinity, with the hydrometer it will always be possible to understand how much water to add to our marine aquarium to maintain the correct "dilution" of the dissolved salts.

Aquarium accessories, long and short tweezers
For both the sweet and marine aquariums, a couple of short and a long pair will be needed. In any case, they must be made of inert material or stainless metal. The tongs will be used to collect objects from the bottom, arrange the furniture and introduce food for any sessile organisms. Pliers help us manage plants and come in handy in a large number of activities.

Aquarium accessories, kit for cleaning glass surfaces
To free the internal surfaces of the tank walls from algae and other encrustations, it is advisable to have a special blade scraper, to be used with caution. Alternatively there are cleaning kits for aquariums consisting of magnetic abrasive sponges. Those who have two magnets can make an aquarium cleaning kit with a simple do-it-yourself operation: just coat one of the two magnets with abrasive material typical of kitchen sponges and the other with felt.


Aquarium accessories, screens
Aquarium organisms should never be touched by hands, for two reasons:
- the surface of the fish is covered with a mucous layer designed to protect the animal from fungi, bacteria and other pathogens. Damaging this coating with your hands means exposing the animal to disease risk.
- the surface of many animal species has defense mechanisms that could harm humans. We are not just talking about the claws of crabs or the stinging elements of actinia and annelids, we are also talking about the poisonous quills that many fish have.

In this regard, it is important to have nets of different sizes so that you can handle the aquarium animals in complete safety.

Aquarium accessories,additional tanks
If a fish is sick it will need to be placed in "isolation" in a separate tank. Even when new minnows are born, an additional tank (a small aquarium delivery room) will be needed to protect the fry.


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