DIY bike tire repair

DIY bike tire repair

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Those who love cycling should also be prepared for the possibility that the tire can puncture. What to do? In this regard, here's how to repair the tire independently in order to avoid returning on foot.

DIY bike tire repair, spray can
If you are not very familiar with manual work, there is a very simple and quick method which consists in always carrying a spray can specially designed to repair and inflate a punctured tire on a bike at the same time. But be careful, once the spray can is used, you will have to replace the air chamber as it is no longer usable.

DIY bike tire repair, the kit
To repair a puncture in an inner tube we can use the tire repair kit which contains a tube of putty, some adhesive patches of different sizes to be used depending on the size of the hole in the inner tube, a piece of sandpaper and a set of levers (usually 3) in plastic to remove the tire and the inner tube of the bike that needs to be repaired.
In addition to the inner tube puncture repair kit, you must be equipped with a device for inflating the rubber which can be either a hand pump or a CO2 can.

DIY bike tire repair, how to proceed

  1. Remove the affected wheel from the frame: if the bike is equipped with traditional brakes, before removing the wheel you must unhook the brake wire from its support so that the wheel passes through the available space between the two brake pads
  2. Remove the tire with the use of the special plastic levers supplied with the tire repair kit: to remove the inner tube it is not necessary to remove the tire completely, just remove it on one side only
  3. Try to identify the exact point of the hole on the air chamber, immersing it in a basin of water: the bubbles will accurately indicate the position of the hole in the air chamber. If you are on the street, you can slightly inflate the air chamber and pass it near the face or ear in order to identify the air leak
  4. Once you have precisely identified the hole in the air chamber, use sandpaper to make the surface rougher and thus facilitate the grip of the mastic
  5. Pour a small amount of putty on the hole and then spread it with a finger on a surface of the size equivalent to the piece you want to use
  6. Wait a couple of minutes and then, remove the protective film then apply the patch keeping it pressed well on the hole for a few moments
  7. Wait a few more minutes then refit the inner tube under the tire and then inflate the wheel

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