Jawbone UP24 and Jawbone UP: my review

Jawbone UP24 and Jawbone UP: my review

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Jawbone recently released the new model Jawbone UP24 which joins the previous one Jawbone UP. Here's mine review with the differences between the two models to allow you to choose the best.

Jawbone UP24 it's a activity tracker that is a technological bracelet that using a 3-axis accelerometer detects our movements with good precision, estimating a series of very interesting parameters including:

1) number of steps taken during our day by walking or running

2) distance traveled on foot or running

3) active and inactive minutes

4) amount of calories burned

5) food tracking

6) quality of our sleep

Let's look at these in detail parameters:

1) Number of steps taken

They are detected with fairly accurate precision using the 3-axis accelerometer which measures the movements of our wrist associated with our steps.

I compared it with measurements made with other detection tools (eg Garmin Footpod sensor and Nike Plus sensor) and the results were very similar. The Jawbone UP24 (and the Jawbone UP) they are therefore perfect for this type of survey.

2) Distance traveled on foot or by running

It is calculated by multiplying the number of steps detected with the average step width. The detection of the distance accomplished by walking is quite precise, the detection of the distance accomplished by running is sufficiently precise if you do not have a too wide stride: if you are an amateur jogger or runner it is Ok, if you are a runner with rhythms of 5 min./Km the detection it starts to be lacking but in that case you will surely use other detection systems, such as a watch equipped with GPS.

3) Active and inactive minutes

Precise detection as the accelerometer is able to correctly identify the difference between the movement of the wrist performed when tapping on a computer keyboard compared to when walking or performing other activities in motion.

4) Amount of calories burned

To provide an estimate as correct as possible, the interface of Jawbone UP24 (and Jawbone UP) asks you to enter your age, your gender, your age and your weight.

I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor but I think that the factors for a precise estimate of calorie consumption are many more: in any case, the estimate provided by the Jawbone UP24 (or from Jawbone UP) it is certainly a useful indicator to give you a rough idea of ​​how many calories you have burned.

5) Food Tracking

A very interesting feature of the Jawbone UP24 (and of the Jawbone UP) for those who need to lose or keep their weight under control, it concerns the possibility of entering caloric information on the foods consumed daily in the interface.

There are two ways of entering: the first provides for the possibility of automatically acquiring the caloric information of the foods eaten by scanning the barcode of the various products that you can perform using your smartphone. The second involves manually entering the number of calories associated with each food on the basis of a very well-stocked database made available by Jawbone.

In addition to food, you can also enter the amount of water taken daily.

6) Quality of sleep

The quality of sleep is always estimated using the accelerometer which is able to detect how many times we "turn around" during the night. Also in this case the survey seems to me to be based on a sensible criterion and seems to me to provide a reliable measurement.

You will therefore be able to monitor on average how long it takes you to fall asleep, how long you sleep peacefully and how many hours you spend with a "restless sleep".


To use yours Jawbone UP24 (or Jawbone UP) and access the data collected daily, you can simply connect it to your PC or (and I recommend it) download the free App available for both iPhone / IOS and Samsung / Android Smartphones.

The app is very well done and allows you to monitor all the parameters detected by your Jawbone.


The Jawbone UP24 and the Jawbone UP they are available in three sizes, depending on the diameter of your wrist:

- Small (for wrists with a variable circumference between 14 and 15.5 centimeters)

- Medium (for wrists with a circumference varying between 15.5 and 18 centimeters)

- Large (for wrists with a variable circumference between 18 and 20 centimeters)


The Jawbone UP, depending on the size, it weighs: 18 grams (small), 22 grams (medium) and 23 grams (large). Similar weight for the Jawbone UP24.


Instead of writing the names of the colors, I think it is more effective to provide you with an image.

These are the available colors of the Jawbone UP24:

and these are the available colors of the Jawbone UP:

The pattern printed on the bracelet is slightly different between Jawbone UP24 is Jawbone UP: 3 lines in the first case and zigzag lines in the second, as you can see from the two images above.


Both the Jawbone Up24 that the Jawbone UP they are recharged by connecting the 2.5 mm jack hidden in the bracelet to a USB socket (or that of your computer or that of a socket to be connected to the mains)


The battery of the Jawbone UP24 has a duration of about 7 days, the battery of the Jawbone UP has a duration of about 10 days.

The new Jawbone UP24 therefore it has a shorter battery life as it integrates Bluetooth functionality.


The main distinguishing factor of the new Jawbone UP24 compared to Jawbone UP it consists of the availability of Bluetooth technology that allows a wireless and real-time synchronization of the detected data.

With the Jawbone UP the data must instead be synchronized via the integrated jack.


The differences are essentially three:

1) Jawbone UP24 allows you to synchronize data via Bluetooth while Jawbone UP requires a jack connection.

2) Jawbone UP24 has a "Greek" as a motif, Jawbone UP has "three stripes" as a motif

3) The battery of Jawbone UP24 lasts an average of 7 days, the battery of Jawbone UP lasts an average of 10 days


- The new ORIGINAL Jawbone UP24 is currently on sale on Amazon for 129.99 euros with free shipping.
- The new ORIGINAL Jawbone UP is currently on sale on Amazon at 81.71 Euros with free shipping

Basically the price difference between the two models is 20 euros.

After entering the Amazon tabs linked above and relating to the "official seller" Jawbone you can also look for other offers from other sellers, with variable prices in relation to the various characteristics (eg color, size, etc.). But always keep an eye on who the seller is!


The five best alternatives you could consider, of which you can read mine review, I am in my opinion:

- Polar Loop

Fitbit Charge the evolution of the Fitbit Flex, the latest release, now also available in Italy.

– Fitbit Flex (to save about 30 Euros compared to the Fitbit Charge)

Garmin Vivofit!

Sony SmartBand

Samsung Gear Fit

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