How to separate household waste

How to separate household waste

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Sorting out household waste it means preserving and maintaining natural resources, for our benefit, of the environment in which we live; it means reusing, reusing and enhancing waste, from paper to plastic, glass, wood, medicines, exhausted batteries, thus helping to give us a “naturally” richer environment.
But not only! Differentiating household waste also means having economic benefits, creating jobs and making new products from waste materials ready to be re-marketed. Having said that, let's see in detail chow to separate household waste.

How to separate household waste, the humid
In the brown container of the humid we can deliver the peels and waste of fruit and vegetables, stale bread, meat and bones, fish and bones, egg shells, pasta and rice, coffee grounds, tea and chamomile tea filters, cut flowers, house plant leaves, small amounts of grass and leaves, small animal droppings, handkerchiefs and paper napkins, wet or greasy kitchen paper.
Cellophane bags for the dustbin, metal and cork stoppers, plasticized paper and litter sand do not go in the wet.

How to separate household waste, the plastic
Empty bottles and food trays, packaging, bottles, caps and containers in general must be placed in the yellow plastic container. Instead, disposable plates and cutlery, toys, objects and small appliances that have parts in different materials, shopping bags, ballpoint pens, bags of snacks, chips and biscuits that instead they go into the undifferentiated.

How to separate household waste, the paper
The newspapers and brochures without the cellophane of the shipment, books, packaging cartons and advertising flyers must be placed in the blue paper container. Shipping bags with plastic inside, fiscal receipts and credit and / or debit card receipts (as they are made of special paper), plasticized cardboard containers or those soiled with food, paper handkerchiefs used paper, greaseproof paper and candy paper.

How to separate household waste, the glass
In the green glass container, bottles, glasses and jars free of food residues, oil and metal caps must be placed. Window panes, car windows, headlights, headlights, light bulbs, mirrors, objects and crystal glasses, pyrex crockery, neon tubes and television screens should absolutely not be used.

All other things that do not have a location in the various recycling bins must be taken to the collection point closest to our home.

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