Edible linden: leaves, buds and flowers

Edible linden: leaves, buds and flowers

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Thelime treeit is an ornamental plant much appreciated for the heady scent of its flowers and for the goodness of its parts edible: leaves, buds and flowers. Yes, the linden leaves are edibleas well as flowers and buds.

From the food point of view, dellime treemainly leaves, buds and flowers are used.

TheleavesofLindenin the kitchen
The best leaves for consumption are young ones, produced at the dawn of spring. They stand out because they are shiny, tender and with a delicate flavor: they are much smaller than adult ones.
Lime Leaves Properties
In the kitchen they are eaten raw in salads, alone or mixed with other types of salad. Even the adult leaves are edible, they are always used raw but only after removing the harder midrib. Usually, the adult leaves are eaten in mixed salads or to fill sandwiches.

The leaves oflime tree, in addition to being diuretic, they contain mucilage and are therefore ideal, once cooked, for thickening soups and minestrone. To take advantage of the thickening properties of lime leaves, it is advisable to collect the last 10 cm of the growing shoots, eliminating any fibrous part.

Thepropertybenefits of lime leaves can be exploited all year round thanks to the preparation of a particularflour. This flour can bring fiber and other healthy substances to our dishes, it can be used as a thickener or it can enrich baked goods by adding it to wheat flour for the preparation of sweets, donuts, breads ...

How to prepare linden flour
The "lime flour" is little known in the kitchen. For the preparation it will be necessary to choose well developed leaves to be dried by proceeding in this way:

- arrange the leaves on nets or racks in single layers of one centimeter thick
- leave the leaves, prepared in this way, in a dry and well ventilated place
-when they are very dry, they must be crushed with your hands and sieved
- the material obtained must be sieved by discarding the coarser parts
-Pass the powder obtained in a grinder and store it in jars

THEsproutsofLindenin the kitchen
THEsproutsofLindenthey are consumed after boiling, like cooked vegetables. They are harvested in spring until they produce tender leaves, or in summer from suckers (the lower branches) and nerds still growing. THElinden sproutsthey are eaten after boiling and sautéed in a pan, alternatively they can be fried.

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