Green manure of legumes, instructions for use

Green manure of legumes, instructions for use

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Thegreen manureit is a simple technique that aims to enrich the soil by burying particular crops. With thegreen manure of legumesthe same properties of plants are exploited to improve the conditions of the soil, enrich it and improve its structure.

With thegreen manure of legumesthe exceptional properties of plant organisms are exploited, which by decomposing in the soil, nourish the soil. When we talk about thegreen manure of legumes, we refer in particular to plants such as sweet clover, field bean, sainfoin, lupine, vetch, clover and protein pea.

Who practices thegreen manure of legumesit creates a successful symbiosis between the roots of the plants and the bacteria of the speciesBacillus radicicola. This symbiosis will be able to fix nitrogen and make it available for the host plant. Once decomposed, these plant elements will be able to release nitrogen, making it available for other plants to grow.

On one hectare of land where thegreen manure of legumes, it is possible to donate a quantity of nitrogen equal to 5-10 kg for every 1,000 square meters.

How is the green manure of legumes
The instructions for use are very simple to carry out. Thelegumesthey must be cultivated during the rest period of the soil, between one crop and another. Generally they are mowed before flowering and, after mowing, they are left to dry in the field and then buried. The ideal depth for burial is just 15 cm. Burying must be done at least one month before the next crop.

The alternatives to thegreen manure of legumes
Thegreen manure of legumesit is probably the most common but it is not the only possible way. As well as thelegumes, Even thecruciferousthey have excellent properties to bequeath to the land. Let's talk about mustard, rapeseed and rapeseed. These plants produce large quantities of plant mass thanks to which it is possible to restore vigor to the soil. Once decomposed, the plants give the impoverished soil a lot of organic matter. Thegreen manure of crucifersit is particularly suitable for those who want to improve the soil structure.

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