Ant remedies, home methods

Ant remedies, home methods

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Those who own a garden or live on the ground floor are more exposed to the presence of ants in the house, unwanted guests who creep in everywhere once they enter: along the walls, the floor, in the corners, under the carpets. Worse then when we leave food residues on the floor or furniture, here they come to visit us! Remedies for ants there are many, even those harmful to one's health and the environment. In this regard, here's how to get rid of ants using home methods.

Remedies for ants, prevention
To keep ants away from your home, prevention is essential, which consists in keeping the house clean. Therefore be careful not to leave any crumbs or residue. Always close open food packages, paying particular attention to sugars and sweet drinks.

Ant remedies, what to do
If the ants are already in the house, the first thing to do is to locate their nest. Follow them to locate the nest. Once found, close the hole from which they enter the house: do not sing victory, because they could still find other entrances. In this regard, it will be good to make sure that there are no other holes in the house.

Remedies for ants, natural methods
Corn flour
Put cornmeal near the nest doing: the fibers contained in the flour will lead the ants to death since they are not seldom digestible.

Nettle leaves
Boil a few nettle leaves with a chilli pepper for a quarter of an hour then filter and spread the liquid in the parts of the house affected by their presence: the strong smell repels the ants

Talcum powder
Talcum powder is also effective thanks to its strong smell: just sprinkle a little along the path of the ants

Spray with essential oil
Fill a recycled spray bottle with 20ml of ethyl alcohol and 5ml of eucalyptus essential oil then spray near doors and windows

even the lemon balm leaves are our enticements against ants: put some at the entrance cracks: the strong smell will discourage them from entering the house.

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