Build a stencil template

Build a stencil template

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Today we offer you a tutorial-guide to build one yourself stencil template. The stencil technique is very useful for giving new life to disused objects: old mirrors, glass plates, furniture ... but also bicycles and scooters can shine with new life with the use of a stencil template.

The stencil is a stencil template that allows you to reproduce the same shapes, symbols or letters in series. In this guide we suggest you to use a rather thick but still flexible acetate type glossy sheet. The malleability of the support on which the stencil is made is crucial: with a fairly flexible stencil it will be possible to decorate curved surfaces such as that of a vase, a glass or a bottle.

It takes it to build one stencil template:

  • white sheet of paper
  • pencil
  • pen
  • marker for the transparency, type "uniposca "
  • rubber
  • masking tape
  • acetate sheet
  • cutting cutter
  • cutter
  • cotton swab
  • alcohol

How to build a stencil template, the steps

  1. As a first step we will have to make a pencil drawing on the white sheet. Those who are more talented with digital art can use photoshop, while those who have no artistic talent and do not want to give up do-it-yourself, can take advantage of the many prints on the web.
  2. Anyone who draws in pencil will need to go over the contours with a pen or marker. The spaces of our drawing will have to be filled with black ink, that's what we need the marker for. Filling in spaces with black is necessary to get an idea of ​​what ours will be like stencil at the end of the work.
  3. We place the acetate sheet on the white sheet and fix it with the adhesive paper tape.
  4. We trace the design on the acetate sheet with the help of a marker for the transparency.
  5. We place the acetate sheet on the surface of the cutting cutter and begin to bring ours to life stencil.
  6. Once we have cut out all our design, we remove the internal parts (to be clear, those filled with black color).
  7. With a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, we remove the visible traces left by the marker (the contours of the drawing).

Those who use a print found on the web will have to follow the instructions directly from step 3: they will have to limit themselves to bringing the design back to the acetate sheet, cutting it out and removing traces of ink.

The instructions for making one template stencil were suggested by the teacher Letizia Barbieri who, to the delight of many, has created a rather complete and clear video tutorial.

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