Natural Cuisine? The answer is That's Vapore

Natural Cuisine? The answer is That's Vapore

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Natural cuisine and healthy in an ironic and playful environment: That’s Steam. Vanni Bombonato he conceived and implemented this idea, which can be enjoyed in Milan and soon throughout Italy as well as in London and New York. Eco-sustainable flavors and environment, where they reign a contagious taste and balance.

1) How did your "adventure" start?
The inspiration came when I worked for a multinational Geneva. With friends I began to reflect on natural cuisine and the possibility of creating a revolutionary food concept. A couple of years have passed from the first "spark" to the real start-up, the project has changed shape I don't know how many times, in the end I found two lenders and everything started.
2) Why in Milan?
We decided to leave Milan with this revolutionary natural cuisine because testing a food format in a city like this is a perfect test if you then want to bring the product abroad. If our idea based on the natural cuisine like it here, I am convinced you can like it everywhere.

3) How many do you work at That’s Vapore per hour?
Our team is small! In Italy I manage the "operations" and I come from many years of experience in the marketing of a large multinational. Marc Farellacci is the chef and takes care of all product development for natural cuisine, Filippo Cadeo is my first collaborator, with experience in food abroad. Then of course there are the guys who run the shops every day, Eva, Giuseppe, Silvia, Alessia. If a customer leaves the restaurant happy, the credit is above all them.
4) What kind of customers do you have?
The product, ours natural cuisine, despite its particularity, it appeals to a very transversal clientele. Certainly we have an average prevalence of women and an audience aged 25 and over, attentive to product quality, with medium-high spending capacity. In general what we all recognize is the ability to serve a dish cooked at the moment, tasty and healthy, which does not weigh you down. The thing that pleases us most is to see how loyal our customers are, and there are countless times that I have seen one of our regular customers literally drag other people into the room telling him to "trust".
5) What characteristics do your products have?
They are quality products and prepared with passion: our dishes of natural cuisine they are a unique fusion of taste, balance and lightness. The idea is to feed in a way good, healthy, fun, in a place where irony and playfulness dominate. We believe it is right not to harm ourselves with unhealthy foods, but we know how important it is to be able to eat tasty.
6) In addition to natural cooking, what are you natural in?
Our entire business is based on respect for the environment and its balance: wherever possible we use only recyclable materials and we always ask our suppliers for certifications of sustainability and respect for the environment.
7) What do you have in mind for the future?
Today we have two stores in Milan, one in Corso di Porta Vittoria 5 and one in via Michelangelo Buonarroti 3. In Italy this year we will start franchising in Northern Italy, while abroad we will open in London in a few months, and a New York I hope by the end of this year. The goal is to build test points and, if successful, expand very quickly: in those cities it is not only possible, but normal. In short, I keep my fingers crossed, this year is particularly challenging and decisive!

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