Zuccherina chicory from Trieste

Zuccherina chicory from Trieste

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Sugary chicory from Trieste: properties and cultivation. How to grow the blonde chicory of Trieste in pots or in the garden. Tips for growing potted chicory in order to maximize the number of harvests

Sweet chicory or blonde chicory from Trieste

There sugary chicory from Triesteit's avariety of cut chicory with round leaves of bright blond green color (hence the names blonde chicoryor very blond chicory).

Thisvariety of cut chicory it starts to vegetate quickly and repeatedly, allowing many early crops. Because of its speed of development it can cultivatealsoin pot. The sowing period is from March to September while the harvest is from April to November.

Growing chicory is easy. Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) is a rustic plant, very adaptable but prefers a mild climate because it fears frosts and persistent low temperatures.

Theresugar of Triesteis a variety ofchicoryexcellent for the preparation of soups, to accompany meat or fish dishes but also to bring excellent rustic pies to the table. Theresugary chicory from Triestelooks like a broad-leaved radicchio, round and light green in color with slight ribs. The secret to an excellent yield ofcultivationof thischicoryis the harvest, thesugar of Triesterivegeta after each cut, thus, with a single sowing, it is possible to produce more crops.

Whencultivatetheresugary chicory from Trieste

If sowing takes place in a seedbed or in any case in a sheltered place, thecultivationit can be started at any time. The sugary chicory is among those plants that can begrow in a greenhouse in winter.

For thesowingin open field you can proceed, according to your geographical area, from March to September, for those who grow in greenhouses it can be grown until December.

The planting, if you buy seedlings already grown, can be done from March to September while the harvest can go from April to January, according to the sowing or planting period. In fact, thesowing of the sugary chicory of Triesteit can happen in any month except the coldest ones.

In understanding theperiodbest forsowthereblonde chicory for cutting, just look at the temperatures based on your geographical area. Keep in mind that for the germination of blonde chicory seeds Temperatures close to 10 ° C are necessary, even if the ideal values, those that guarantee a rapid cultivation cycle, are between 20 - 22 and 26 ° C.

Sugar chicory, cultivation

Theresugary chicory from Triesteit needs a relatively temperate climate, it performs well even in the cold but is sensitive to frosts especially in the periods following the transplant.

It adapts well to any type of soil as long as it does not have water stagnation (it is sensitive to rot). It does not need fertilizers but like all plants, to grow, it needs fertile soil: before sowing or planting, you will have to proceed with a 30-40 cm deep plow in order to bury manure or other organic fertilizer ... compost is also fine as long as it is well decomposed.

How to sow Trieste's sugary chicory

The seed must be buried at a very shallow depth of 0.2 - 0.5 cm, then it must be covered with a layer of soil 2 - 5 mm high. The quantity of seed to be used per square meter is 6-8 grams.

How to plant sugary chicory

If you proceed with the planting, the chicoryyou will have toplantin rows 8-12 cm apart.

How to grow Trieste's sugary chicory in pots

Theresugary chicory from Triesteit's acutting varietieseasy tocultivatealso in pots. How to grow chicory in pots? Simple!

Get pots of 10-12 centimeters in diameter, in each pot you can grow a plant. Of course, if you prefer, you can organize yourself with planters taking into account the distance between the plants and between the rows seen above.

The pot must be filled with good quality soil but not too fertilized. You can take specific soil or prepare a mixture of universal soil (60 - 70%) and garden soil (30 - 40%).

To this mixture, add 5% sand to make the soil more draining. Also in order to avoid water stagnation, arrange a layer of about 2 centimeters thick of expanded clay on the bottom of the pots.

Grow chicory in potsrequires extra attention: in the hot period of the year it will be necessary to perform repeated irrigations. Irrigation must be frequent with a moderate water supply. Better not to overdo the amount of water administered and continue consistently.

Sugar chicory seeds from Trieste

The sugary chicory of Trieste is onecutting varietiesvery popular: you can easily find the seeds from agricultural consortia. If you prefer, then, you can also take advantage of online trading. For the sake of completeness, I point out an Amazon link where to buy the sachets of seeds:

  • Sachet of Trieste's sugary chicory seeds, available on "this Amazon page" at the price of 4 euros with shipping costs included.

Sweet chicory, properties

The cures for thecultivation of Trieste sugarwill be rewarded at the table not only for the pleasure of the palate but above all for the healthiness of the nutrients: the sugary chicory from Trieste provides about 10 kcalories for every 100 grams of edible product, has excellent purifying abilities and helps maintain gastro-intestinal balance.

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