Flowers for the flower beds

Flowers for the flower beds

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We have already talked about the selection criteria for the selection of flowers for the flower bed of our garden. When choosing a plant, you need to know its needs to see if they are compatible with our type of soil and the exposure it needs. Nutrients, temperature, pH, shaded areas ... after making these assessments, it will be possible to set up theflowerbedperfect, healthy and longer lasting. If needed, you can call an expert indesign of flower beds

In describing theseflowers for flower bedswe refer to the commercial proposals of the Bakker specialist dealer, however, you can contact your trusted nurseryman. Let's start with a selection of three varieties, created precisely for the preparation offlower beds. The varieties in question are the bellflower portenschlagiana, the Iberis sempervirens and the saponaria ocymoides, plants that carry the white, pink and blue colors in yourflowerbed.


There is no shortage of proposals forwalkable flower beds, the Thymus serpyllum flowers, more commonly called pepolino, are particularly resistant, in addition, its small leaves contain a rich and fragrant essential oil. Another plant fromflowerwidely used for the preparation offlower bedsis the Achillea millefolium which, thanks to its wonderful and warm floral shades, is able to transform theflowerbed in a splendid flowery carpet.

Very colorful and more lively are the carnations of the poets (Dianthus barbatus Nanus), small carnations ideal for creating a floral carpet and, if necessary, also to be cut for the preparation of graceful bouquets.

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Anotherflower for the flower bedsis the very famous Gentian, it blooms from July until late October and its flowers are funnel-shaped and have an intense blue color. A pink carpet can be created with Oenothera speciosa "Rosea", better known as Pink Evening Primrose! Its pink flowers, in addition to being beautiful, are also very fragrant!

Not to be underestimated are the numerous varieties of lavender, from classic to wild or from the most original English lavenders such as London pink (pink in color) and Munstead with a purple color tending to blue.

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