How to do ecology in the office?

How to do ecology in the office?

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It is not enough to assume an attitude ecologist at home, even at work it is good to get used to a conscious use of resources. Do you know how much paper an average employee consumes each year? About 90 kilos of high quality paper, all paper that could be recyclable.

Every ton of office paper that we get to to recycle it leads to a saving of about 1500 liters of oil. But not only! If at least 20% of the paper we use were recycled, we would help save 4 to 5 million trees, save 2 to 5 billion kw / h, 280 to 440 billion liters of water.
Regarding the potential renergy saving that would be obtained from small decisions, we can give some examples: just remove two lamps in a ceiling light of four and install mirrors. Maybe if you need to renovate the office furniture, you can suggest to your boss that he choose ecological furniture.
Other examples? Giving up on disposable coffee cups and preferring the classic glass coffee cup, among other things, you will gain in flavor.

You can organize yourself with the collection of glass and aluminum together with your colleagues: it will be sufficient to set up different containers for glass bottles and cans and place them near the place where you eat all together.
How to get organized with the collection of paper?
If you need to make photocopies, use the page on both sides, so you will also save space when filing. Do not throw newspapers in the mixed bin, therefore divide

ATTENTION: magazines, with their coated paper and the covers that cover them, are not easily recyclable.
A good idea would also be to save on water by installing aerators for taps or devices to reduce the water consumption of the toilet flush (keep in mind that in 6 months a leaking toilet wastes about 170,000 liters of water).
How long has the electrical system not been checked? System checks often become occasions to make simple and necessary changes to the lighting system.

Another fundamental aspect is how to go to the workplace. Do any of your colleagues live in an area close to yours? So why not go to work together?

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