Grow fennel

Grow fennel

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The fennel, a very popular vegetable in the kitchen, can be grown in all areas with a Mediterranean climate. After 90 days from sowing it is possible to harvest the "grumolo", a narrow set of leaves which is better known as fennel. Fracchia, Giant of Naples and Big of Sicily.

How to grow fennel, sowing in seedbeds

  1. Dig deep into the furrows along the soil as these are medium / large sized seeds
  2. Leave a few centimeters between the rows to ensure the necessary space for the first development: The distance between the rows is from 50 to 70 cm, the distance between the plants on the row from 20 to 25 cm
  3. Prefer a draining soil, free of waste material, possibly enriched with organic fertilizer
  4. Irrigate consistently but not too abundantly, avoiding stagnation of water: the most effective method is sprinkling, that is, sprinkling.

How to grow fennel, the transplant

  1. Transplant into the garden after about six weeks: the plants must be at least 10 cm tall
  2. Also in this case use a draining soil, enriched with organic fertilizer: even a preventive fertilization can help to have better buds.
  3. Arrange the plant well in depth but slightly raised to control its humidity.

Useful information: To guarantee the fennel the characteristic white color, it is preferable to proceed with tamping. It consists in covering the plant that naturally tends to emerge from the ground, protecting the heart up to its apex from the sun's rays. This is generally done two weeks before harvesting.

How to grow fennel, collection
After about three or four months from sowing, when the buds have reached an adequate size and are well compacted, it will be possible to proceed to harvest.
For the procedure just collect them manually by cutting the roots and part of the leaves but you can also help yourself with tools such as a spade or a plow, being careful not to damage them.

  • For spring cultivation, the harvest will take place in September
  • For the cultivation in September, the harvest will be in early winter.

ATTENTION: Frequent irrigations and rains tend to develop various weeds, so they must be cleaned up quickly so as not to ruin the crop.

Nutritional information: fennel, rich in mineral salts and vitamins, is an excellent food for those who follow a diet, in fact 100 grams of edible product provide only 9 kcalories.

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