Plants and air quality in the home

Plants and air quality in the home

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The plants contribute to air quality in the house because they transpire by giving off large quantities of water vapor; in this way the plants naturally humidify the rooms made excessively dry by the heating system.

Obviously the type of home heating has a great influence on both air quality in the house both on the health of plants, which suffer greatly from high temperatures. There are differences between radiators and floor or wall systems. Regardless of the type of heating, however, there are attention to the health of the plants in the house.

The first is to wet the plants in a regular and balanced way, checking that the earth is always damp and never soaked. This greatly contributes to maintaining a good level of humidity in the environment, which has a positive effect on air quality in the house.

Some plants suitable for cultivation in home they also play an important role in the removal processes of some pollutants, for example in the absorption of volatile organic compounds such as carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke (never smoke at home!). This is true as long as the plants are not grown in hydroponic crops since the purifying capacities that improve the air quality in the house they work in synergy with the absorbing power of the soil.

Plants very absorbent and particularly suitable for protecting the air quality in the house are the sansevieria trifasciata, the chlorophytum comosum (phalangium), the ficus benjamina (fig benjamin), the chamaedorea elegans (palmetta), the dracena marginata (dracena), the tradescantia sillamontiana (miseria), the aglanoema and the gerbera jamesonii (gerbera ).

The earth contained in the vessels of plants largely contributes to the purification of the environments and the guarantee of air quality at home: kept healthy by periodic renewals, it behaves like a sponge that absorbs and filters fumes and bad smells.

Even the plants on balconies and windowsills, they perform an important filter function against dust and smog, while some species keep insects away. In addition, if the fronds are dense, the plants also effectively attenuate noise and vibrations.

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