Ford Mondeo Energi, the hybrid of class

Ford Mondeo Energi, the hybrid of class

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The newFord Mondeo Energiit will debut on the market next 2014. It is a plug-in hybrid capable of combining the power of the electric motor with the thermal one, guaranteeing excellent fuel savings. L'hybridMondeo Energi guarantees consumption of 42.5 km with each liter.

ThereFord Mondeo hybridis proposed as a direct competitor to hybrids from Toyota and with the new on-board software it offers an extra gear: the SYNC system developed by Microsoft which with MyFord Touch allows you to implement an 8 ″ touch screen display in the vehicle. Maximum interconnectivity between smartphone and car with on-board internet connection and built-in bluetooth connectivity.

If that's not enough, the new software that will mount theMondeowill be able to detect the condition of the driver (if, for example, he has been driving for a long time) and will be able to facilitate driving by means of an automatic safety distance maintenance system: an alarm will alert the driver if there are obstacles or other vehicles in blind spots of the car. The newMondeo hybridyou will be able to count on greater safety with improvements to the rear seat belts and new colors.

For the mechanical part it does not seem that there will be major changes. In this regard, we remind you that theFord Mondeo hybridit was the first European hybrid-electric in its class, to use a 2.0 displacement engine and 35 kW lithium-ion batteries. The engine1.0 EcoBoost, at the time of its debut, it was named engine of the year (2012), the EcoBoost delivers 125 hp and a maximum torque of 170 Nm, with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of less than 130 g / km.

Aesthetically theFord Mondeo Hybridit stands out for its elegance and the character of a sports coupé enhanced by a sleek line on the roof. From the front view, the LED headlights with adaptive technology and the trapezoidal grille typical of the previous Mondeo stand out.

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