Sustainable oak wood in the heart of London

Sustainable oak wood in the heart of London

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Sustainable wood of Oak tree American white in the heart of London. It really shouldn't be surprising that a London citizen has chosen the wood, and this essence in particular, as a basic material for expanding and renovating one's home in Church Crescent, a residential street of two-family houses in the Finchley area.

The legno it is the oldest building material and also the most durable and resistant. More than steel in dynamic tests and more than concrete for how long it lasts over the years. And the Oak tree bianca americana is a sturdy and heavy wood, it has a medium resistance to bending and is of considerable aesthetic impact.

The wood comes from the woods, which is an inexhaustible mine if properly cultivated, and the Oak tree American white is a widely available essence in nature, cuts are governed by American law and on trade oversees the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the most important trade association for the trade of wood of American hardwoods.

The client said he made contact with various suppliers to evaluate the requirements and technical data of the material. His research was oriented towards a wood sustainable of Oak tree at a reasonable cost, which was resistant to outdoor use without sealants or finishes and available in 32 mm x 32 mm section strips. There Oak tree American white responded exactly to these needs.

There Oak tree American white has a cream-colored sapwood and heartwood ranging from light brown to dark brown. The essence has a mostly straight fiber and a medium or marked grain, with longer medullary rays than the Oak tree red (American Red Oak) which create a very pleasant characteristic pattern.

Due to its characteristics the Oak tree white, widely available in export markets, represents a privileged choice for many furniture makers and joinery and flooring companies thanks to the chromatic homogeneity, the high production volume of wood with squared edges and the availability of veneers.

There Oak tree white American is a wood strong and heavy, it has medium resistance to bending and compression and low stiffness and lends itself well to steam bending. To be used outdoors without preservatives it must have a minimum classification of Class 3, i.e. moderate resistance. As for all other essences, if there is sapwood, however, conservative treatments are needed.

Returning to the Church Crescent project, which gave us the opportunity to talk about the wood of American white oak, the goal was to expand the living spaces of an exposed brick villa by creating a modern-looking room on the back, equipped with large windows to let as much light as possible into the existing kitchen.

To cover the walls and roof of the new dining area, square section strips of Oak tree natural American white that frame the sliding doors and the large glass ceiling. The solid wood rain screen of Oak tree white creates a contemporary style following the slope of the roof.

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