How to hang the bike on the wall

How to hang the bike on the wall

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For hang the bike to one wall it is necessary that the Wall is stable and that the hooks or the chosen system is installed correctly. Hang the bike on the wall is a practical way to store bicycle in the long winter periods or during the week if you use it only on weekends. Staring the bike on the wall in the garage or at home, you will recover a lot of space.

There are many solutions on the market for fix the bike to a wall. At the Decathlon sporting goods retailer you can find wall supports for bicycles at low cost, prices start from 5 euros to go beyond 50 euros. There are single, double, triple hooks and supports… or systems that anchor to the Wall up to 5 bicycles!


How to hang the bike on the wall
For hang the bike on a wall just install the hook or support following the instructions. Installation is usually extremely simple and consists of three phases which can be summarized as follows.

  1. Choose a solid and stable wall.
  2. Fix the appropriate anchors in the wall.
  3. Screw the hooks straight on.

Before buying a hanger or stand, make sure your model is bicycle is compatible. Most of the hooks are made for standard sports bikes, if you have a particularly elaborate or heavy bike, the standard hooks may not be adequate.

In this context, the designers did not hold back and put forward proposals with a very attractive look. The supports for hang the bike on the wall they come in different models, from a more sober and minimal design to more showy and eccentric stands. Among the various proposals we point out the wooden support Bike Hook, costs just over 70 euros and is produced by designer Sandra Thomsen.


The Bike Hook support is extremely minimal, it is composed of two axes that extend from the wall can hold the bicycle. More elegant (and even more expensive!) Is Chris Brigham's Bike Shelf, on the surface it looks like a classic shelf but in reality it is a bicycle stand. The price is $ 299. Other models can be appreciated in our photo gallery.

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