Tombarello fish with beer

Tombarello fish with beer

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Some the tombarello they call bonito others hastily tuna (and in fact it looks a bit like tuna being a tunnid) but the name does not change the substance of a fish tasty, Mediterranean, economical and definitely worth knowing. We propose it cooked with the beer and we hope that the unusual combination fish-beer serve to stimulate your curiosity around the tombarello fish.

The tombarello is one of the 300 species of fishes edibles found in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the so-called fish light blue. It can be found whole or in pieces but sport anglers know that it is also quite easy to fish, trolling or even surfing from the beach (the average are examples between 1 and 3 kg) because it is fish very widespread in our seas. Also for this reason it does not cost much, never more than 10 euros per kg but often much less.

The recipe of beer tombarello it is easy to prepare, cheap, and takes little time even if the ingredients seem a lot. The hardest part is the initial preparation of the tombarello, which if purchased whole or freshly caught must be carefully gutted. Like a good tunnide, the tombarello it incorporates a lot of blood and this can be annoying for some and makes cleaning a bit laborious. If you already buy filleted at the fish shop, the problem does not arise.

Ingredients for the recipe of beer tombarello (4 people)

1 tombarello about 1 kg (whole or already filleted)

2 dl of blonde beer

50 g of butter

25 g of rice flour

30 g of chopped pine nuts

70 g of breadcrumbs

40 g of Parmesan cheese




Preparation. After cleaning, filleting (if it is not in pieces) and washing the tombarello, cut the fillets in half for the short side and get 4 slices that you will keep aside. Meanwhile, melt 20 g of the butter (a chef's trick is to use clarified butter) and add the rice flour (we prefer it because it is lighter than wheat flour) and also the beer mixing with a whisk; salt and pepper the cream thus obtained. Separately, mix the breadcrumbs with the crumbled pine nuts (keep some aside for the garnish), add the finely chopped marjoram, parmesan, salt and pepper. Arrange the 4 slices of tombarello in an ovenproof dish (or place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper) and spread with plenty of beer, then sprinkle them with the mixture and finish by pouring over the slices and cover the remaining part of the melted butter. At this point, inform at 230 ° C (the oven must already be hot) for no more than 5 minutes.

Or… if you have little time, remember that the tombarello fresh it is also good raw in tartare (seasoned to taste) or lightly seared in a pan. The important thing is not to let it overcook because otherwise, like tuna, it becomes stringy.

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