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Cherries, health properties

Cherries, health properties

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The cherries, fruit of a tree belonging to the Rosaceae family, are divided into two distinct species: sweet and acidic. They have remarkable health properties thanks to the nutrients they are made of: about 80% of water, sugars, proteins, vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium.

Also of note is the presence of levulose, a sugar that does not provide contraindications for diabetics who can therefore take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a sweet and healthy food. There is also a discrete presence of flavonoids which, as we know, are substances capable of fighting free radicals, thus playing a primary role in the process that slows the aging of our body's cells. As for calories, every 100 grams of pulp have about 63. Le cherries they are also a particularly thirst-quenching fruit with a good satiety index. Why not take advantage of it and make a tasty cherry jam? A way to always enjoy them and enjoy their benefits 365 days a year

Cherries, health properties

  • Apparently this fruit of the sun would have purifying and detoxifying properties, in addition to diuretic and laxative ones, therefore a very useful fruit in case of abdominal swelling.
  • According to experts, consuming cherries stimulates the production of collagen, thus bringing countless benefits to our skin: this thanks to the presence of flavonoids
  • In recent times, cherries have been the subject of a study by the University of Texas, it seems that they have properties capable of promoting sleep thanks to the moderate presence of melatonin.
  • Experiments on mice held in Michigan (USA), it seems that their consumption would greatly reduce the percentage of cholesterol in our body thanks to the presence of antioxidants.

The cherries they are also a decidedly non-wasteful type of fruit: with the peduncles it is possible to make decoctions and herbal teas useful for purifying the kidneys. To prepare it, just bring a liter of water to a boil and then dip a handful of dried cherry stalks into it.

Cherries and cosmetics
Cherries, in addition to being excellent allies for our health, are also excellent for our beauty; they are for example able to protect the skin from the sun. Their pulp is an excellent revitalizer for the skin of the face, especially if it is irritated. In short, their use in cosmetics is very high.

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