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Strawberries nutritional and health properties

Strawberries nutritional and health properties

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The strawberries they lend themselves perfectly to many gastronomic dishes. But in addition to being tasty, the strawberries they are among the healthiest foods for our body. Already in ancient times the Romans resorted to strawberries to treat kidney stones, gout and inflammations of various kinds. The natural period of ripening of the strawberries runs from April to June: those on sale out of season have been subjected to strict chemical preservation processes, resulting in the almost total loss of their beneficial properties. Let's find out what the property nutritional and healthy of this tasty fruit.

Strawberries nutritional properties

  • Strawberries contain vitamins E, B and K but above all vitamin C: a cup of fresh strawberries provides 160% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.
  • They contain mineral salts such as iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
  • They have a high fiber content and at the same time contain very few calories, less than 40 per 100 gr. of edible part
  • They contain flavonoids: Anthocyanins, Quercetin, Ellagic Acid: all substances that according to experts reduce the risk of cancer
  • They are rich in folic acid: according to experts, thanks to the presence of this substance, strawberries perform a regenerating action on blood cells, also benefiting memory

Healthy properties strawberries

  • The strawberries are considered among the top ten antioxidant foods existing in nature: according to experts, they prevent heart disease, the leading cause of death in humans.
  • According to experts, they are remineralizing, diuretic and above all have detoxifying and purifying properties of the body, especially if taken on an empty stomach.
  • They seem to have benefits on mood, thanks to their ability to stimulate the production of serotonin and melanin in our body.
  • Compared to so many other fruit, the strawberries they can be eaten by diabetics: the sugar contained in them is fructose which is well tolerated in its natural state.

Strawberries property, some recommendations

  • Favorite strawberries from organic farming: those of dubious origin could contain chemicals
  • Once purchased, consume them within 3 days
  • If you have kidney stone problems, do not overdo the intake: the oxalic acid contained in them could worsen the situation
  • As in all things, don't overdo the quantities.

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