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Diego Masi and corporate giving: book review

Diego Masi and corporate giving: book review

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The less sustainable a behavior is, the more it costs society in the long run. And costs mean taxes, for people and businesses, which as long as you can pay them is fine but when they are too many you suffocate.

Today second Diego Masi, author of the bookFrom predators to entrepreneurs, companies play with sustainability at the risk of getting burned. The planet is already largely compromised and at this two o'clock point: either governments are expected to impose stricter taxes to remedy the mistakes once they are made or they try to anticipate the problems.

Such as? With original and serious corporate giving behaviors. Because according to the author, it is in the company's interest to build a sensible path of donations not only because this helps to limit risks, but also to avoid being bent sooner or later by unsustainable taxes.

What is corporate giving? A tool, indeed a social marketing tool that allows the company to support socially active behaviors and to contribute, on the one hand, to social well-being and at the same time, on the other, to pursue business goals. Working for the shareholders but thinking of the children of the shareholders.

Does corporate giving work? Seeing is believing, but the research clearly shows the increase in recent years in the number of companies engaged in a social cause, and managers agree that companies must take on the task of supporting a social cause.

Still, he says Diego Masi, still few companies are committed to building good stories and when it happens they give the impression of doing so without a real plan. Even if corporate giving tools have them and they are called corporate philanthropy, social sponsorships, cause related marketing, licensing, joint fund raising, prize competitions and points collected, volunteer program, ayroll giving and no gadget promotion.

From predators to entrepreneurs - corporate giving and social innovation’Tells companies that doing good is also good for the companies themselves. And that the path of sustainability and solidarity should not be undertaken only out of a good heart, but because it is necessary for the company. The book is on sale on Amazon at a discounted price and if you want you can order it from here:From predators to entrepreneurs. How businesses will have to respond to the challenge of sustainability in order not to be "ruined" by taxes

Diego Masi, entrepreneur and politician (Forza Italia), in 2008 contributed to the creation of PromoDigital, a company specializing in the development of buzz marketing campaigns on social media.

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