Electric cars on the market 2014

Electric cars on the market 2014

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The list of electric cars on the market in Italy is becoming more and more dense and to satisfy the curiosity of consumers we publish the list ofelectric cars on the market 2014, a timely and precise overview of electric cars on the market in Italy in this 2014; the prices indicated in our article are intended without incentives.

BMW i3
Our experiences aboard the BMW i3 have been positive even if, on balance, the purchase of the range extender to increase the range of the BMW electric car is a must. The price starts at 36,499 euros.

Citroen C-Zero
The price ranges from 30,641 euros. The purchase is not recommended as the pure electric Citroen exploits technologies already outdated in the field of electric mobility. The range is about 140 km. Those who love this French house and want to approach electric mobility should turn their gaze to the DS5 hybrid.

Ford Focus Elettric
Aesthetically it looks like a "normal" Focus but the traction is full electric. The price starts at € 39,900 and the declared range is 150 km.

Mitsubishi iMiev
Based on the same platform as the Citroen C-Zero, the Mitsubishi is priced at 32,214 euros. Here too, the range is about 140 km.

Nissan Leaf
The price starts from 24,790 euros up to 36,590 euros. The full electric of the Japanese house is very quiet and offers a spacious interior with a very rich equipment: from bluetooth to the rear camera.

Pegeot IOn
Twin of iMiev and C-Zero. The price is 30,639 euros.

The range of Renault electric cars

  • Renault Twizy
    The price starts at € 6,990, it is a city mini-car. An agile and agile two-seater.
  • Renault ZOE
    It is among the electric cars to offer the best value for money, as well as the cheapest electric car currently on the market. The price starts at € 21,650 but drops again thanks to the dedicated Renault incentives. The range is 210 km and the electric motor has a power of 88 hp.
  • Renault Fluence (pictured above)
    The Fluence is proposed to a more demanding public therefore also the price goes up, starting from 28,500 euros turnkey, also in this case we are talking about list price, therefore without incentives.
  • Kangoo
    It is proposed to the public with a price starting from 20,650 euros. Two variants: commercial vehicle or 5-seater, perfect for large families.

Smart ForTwo ED
The price starts at 24,079 euros, the price drops to 19,900 euros if the customer rents the battery with a monthly fee of around 78 euros.

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